Telegraph: "Defence Chiefs Cut Bonus Payments To Military Bands"

This begs the wider question of Military Display Teams being 'hired out'; such as the Red Arrows, Parachutists, Dog handlers, Motor Cyclists, etc.

I'll bet even money that some (new?:roll:) Civil Serpent Dept. is probably trawling through commitments, invoices and payment schemes as we speak - to see what else the impecunious MOD can claw unto their coffers.


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It is exactly what it seems, the ARRSE 'take' on it seems to be mostly vitriol to me :dontknow:
Is it ever any other way on ARRSE ? :)

I can see band's over-quoting in the future, if this comes into force, so that they don't have to do private engagements.
Or, on the other hand, where the band is compelled to undertake an 'extra' duty, they could negotiate a negligible fee as they won't see any of it. Mind you, the MoD will probably take over the contracts and we all know how good MoD are with contracts :)

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