Telegraph: "Coalition 'Abandons' Plan To Privatise Defence Procurement"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Dec 12, 2013.

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  1. "The Ministry of Defence had been considering replacing the Defence Equipment and Support agency, which buys armed forces equipment like tanks and warships, with a "government-owned, contractor-operated" (GoCo) body.

    However, Mr Hammond, the Defence Secretary, told MPs that he is instead creating a new Government trading entity to buy equipment and supplies for the MoD.

    The new arms-length body will be able to recruit and manage staff "along commercial lines", Mr Hammond said.

    Due to the lack of competition, that process has now been abandoned at a cost of £7.4 million, MPs heard."

    Coalition 'abandons' plan to privatise defence procurement - Telegraph
  2. Maybe they can spend a few pounds adding some parking at abbey wood! Bloody nightmare :(

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  3. .

    You want to go to faslane. Ok you don't but you know what I mean.
  4. I'm glad yer man Gray is staying on. It's quite fitting that he can now work through the ar**ache that he has already created by his version of reducing the "business skills gap" in military procurement. Large crowds of people who knew anything about anything have already buggered off to avoid the promised monster or through piss poor residual morale.

    The fact that only one Bidder was remotely interested implies to me that there isn't much scope to do what DES does better or cheaper and still make a profit.
  5. Only 7.4 million why is it that we are faced with one lot of tossers after another, roll on the revolution. :)

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