Telegraph: "Cameron Attacked By Royal Navy Harrier Pilot"

So we are not keeping equipment designed for out of date conflicts.......why we keeping Eurofighter?

And I'm pretty sure Harrier is a far more effective ground attack aircraft than the Typhoon, which was designed to engage Soviet aircraft over Europe


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Re: Telegraph: "Cameron Attacked By Royal Navy Harrier Pilot

Interesting to hear 'Forces Sweetheart' Dave tell us how good the Typhoon was performing in Afghanistan & inform a Fleet Air Arm pilot how vitally important the RAF was. Doubtless Sharkey senior will be chuffed to bits.

You couldn't make it up, comedy genius.
Yup Forces Sweetheart aka Denigration Dave, Fragrant Dave, Clueless Mong and The Twat from No10 seems not to have looked at Typhoons history, performancy or its original purpose
Re: Telegraph: "Cameron Attacked By Royal Navy Harrier Pilot

The RAF's Typhoons

Never in the field of procurement,
was so much, spent by so few, on so little.

Has the much vaunted Typhoon dropped any ordnance in anger yet to justify its £14 Billion price tag?
A friend of mine's lecturer apparently described the Typhoon in one sentence during a Aerospace Engineering lecture at uni.....

'If you are the pilot, pray to god the computers dont fail as it flies like a brick...........badly'
Re: Telegraph: "Cameron Attacked By Royal Navy Harrier Pilot

Mr Cameron thanked Lt Cdr Ward for "everything" he had done for his country but added: "I have listened to all the military advice, and the military advice is pretty clear that when we have to make difficult decisions, it is right to keep the Typhoon as our principal ground attack aircraft, working in Afghanistan at the moment, and it is right to retire the Harrier."
Typhoons in Afghan at the moment?

Come on fella's, at least get the facts right...
Re: Telegraph: "Cameron Attacked By Royal Navy Harrier Pilot

Nice to know davey boy has his finger on the pulse,meet the new boss,same as the old boss(sorry to the who) :twisted: :twisted:
Regarding the Typhoon, how effective have they been regarding Afghan, come to think of it are there even any there ? I have been out for a couple of years now but during my time the Harriers have been flawless and very effective.
Re: Telegraph: "Cameron Attacked By Royal Navy Harrier Pilot

Like father like son.

Wonder how much input daddy, (Mr. Harrier), had to the question.


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shag_shacker said:
think sharky junior will be getting a chitty chatty of the CO tomorrow.
I think Sharkey junior maybe having tea, negat Hob-Nobs with the boss, but I have no doubt those higher up the food chain will be equally miffed and in agreement with his comments, even if unable to express it in public.
I think he has every right to question him, at the end of the day it's his job on the line with the fear of being laid off and it's a dreadful feeling especially if you have mortgage etc.


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Re: Telegraph: "Cameron Attacked By Royal Navy Harrier Pilot

Cameron Attacked ............
Rather emotive and misleading. Attacked? FFS. 'Cameron asked to read the mind and soul of son of legendary FAA pilot' doesn't sound as 'angry' does it?

I expect Sharky Junior may be regretting his question although surely the CHR applied to the Q&A. I heard the question on TV but didn't see a face or hear an ID. I missed how his name became public knowledge.

His old man predicted traffic through the Main Gate will be one way. If I was a FAA jet jockey, I'd already have made some speculative enquiries of the up scale airlines with a view to a job when the axe falls. Redundancy or early retirement is surely a fait accompli. How should I be feeling? Angry at the clowns on the bench opposite for leaving the cupboard bare (before the banks added to the grief), disappointed for the Service and personal ambitions within it unfulfilled, excited that new opportunities will present themselves.

But that's just me.

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