Telegraph: "British Armed Forces Complete Handover Of Helmand Province After 8 Years"

Discussion in 'Bases / Shore Est' started by soleil, Apr 2, 2014.

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  1. "After eight years, countless battles and hundreds of lives sacrificed, Britain’s command of Helmand Province in Afghanistan came to an end on Tuesday as control of the area was handed over to US forces.

    In a moving ceremony at Camp Bastion, which included a two minutes’ silence for the 448 British servicemen and women killed in the conflict since 2001, an American General took charge of the mission ahead of the withdrawal of all British forces later this year."

    British armed forces complete handover of Helmand Province after eight years and 448 lost lives - Telegraph
  2. 448 British Servicemen and Women plus thousands of Americas, sacrificed for WHAT? Nothings changed and Afghanistan is STILL providing most of the worlds dangerous drugs. God rest their souls. As for the politician's they want Shooting to Death with Shit from a Wang Leather Gun.

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  3. Pretty certain that quite a bit has changed since 2001.
    The Taliban aren't in power, the street price of heroin has increased by almost 300%, Al-Qaida changed their address, girls can now receive an education as well as work, the massive increase in trade between towns on the lovely new roads to name a few.
    Granted its doomed to be a shit hole, but that's what happens when there's enough weapons in the country to arm every Afghani 3 times over and no one gets on because they're a rag tag assortment of differnet ethnic groups and clans

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  4. Oh you have been have you?
  5. No Danny i anit been, but there are tnhings in the press you can believe. Its still the shithole it was years ago. Thats what i mean by nothings changed.

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  6. It has.

    It's not exactly Dubai but it has changed.
  7. If youve been there MLP im happy to take your word for it. But any television shots ive seen dont impress me at all.
    I suspect that visitor numbers (cept for drug mules) dont take a lot of counting.

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  8. Forget the suppression of drug manufacture, the right of little Fatima to go to school, the right of little Fatima's Mum to have a job and all the pink fluffy stuff. The objective of Op HERRICK became .

    So the question probably should be, have we achieved that? No doubt it will be arranged that that particular state will be deemed to have been achieved at the exact instant that the last warlike British boot buggers off Blightyside. As many of you have already written here and on similar Threads, is it sustainable? We probably don't really know but I bet we could make a bloody good guess.
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  9. Ok its not the UK but lets not forget pre 2001 the Taliban almost had the people living in the dark ages. Nobody is claiming that the country is the forward thinking middle east state it was in the 60s. But I saw a huge change between the two tours that I did. The people in the towns clearly had a better way of life.
    I would love to go on holiday there in the future if the Afghans can promote their own security and improve on what it is now, the landscape is pretty stunning I always found.
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  10. Danny im glad that you made it through two tours. Sadly i feel that once our lads and the yanks have left, it wont take too long for the improvements you saw to revert once the Taliban get their feet under the table again. I hope that is not the case. However, im more pesimistic than optomistic that things will continue to improve.
    Well done for completing two tours.

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  11. You could be right, which is why I'm disappointed we are leaving soon. I honestly think another year or two and we could have really consolidated the gains made.
    448 people very sadly died (including people I knew) maybe some more would have as well if we had stayed but if it had made certain of our success then in my opinion that would have been worthwhile although very sad loss. As it is it could turn out that there lives were wasted for a few years of Afghanistan being unable to be used as a base to export terror not a worthwhile loss.
  12. We would need another 200 years and another 200,000 men to make a meaningful long term change. What we have achieved is simply a chapter that will be succeeded by another in a few years time.
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  13. MLP your 200 years would be correct if we had stayed there. By the time some poor bastard has to have another go Political Correctness will have extended that to Time Without End.

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