Telegraph: "Britain's Biggest Defence Projects Are 25 Years Late"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Feb 13, 2014.

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    "Britain’s biggest defence projects are running a total of 25 years late between them and it is unclear the Government can keep costs on target, the Whitehall spending watchdog has warned.

    The National Audit Office (NAO) raised concerns about the MoD's ability to keep its £164 billion, ten-year equipment plan on target despite evidence the department’s infamous cost overruns are being brought under control."

    Britain's biggest defence projects are 25 years late - Telegraph
  2. It's 25 years late as the current govt wants to keep the costs down until it is cheap to buy.
  3. Adding slip times together is a particularly bone measurement. It does, though, grab the rant potential for the voting but often arithmetically challenged passenger on the famous Clapham omnibus. It annoys me that Budget re-profiling delays are often casually passed off as technical difficulties.
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  4. Purple_twiglet

    Purple_twiglet War Hero Moderator

    By that measurmenet, if the UK were granted an extra bank holiday next year, do we gain 60 million days of annual leave?
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