Telegraph: "Britain 'Woefully Unprepared' For Arctic Warfare"


War Hero
This, despite HMS Dauntless having completed her cold and hot weather trials relatively successfully?

I do wish journalists would buck the **** up.



Lantern Swinger
Except the cold weather trial press release from the MoD says Dauntless only went for -10C and couldn't even find anywhere with a temperature that low. Given Arctic temperatures can fall significantly below that point (even Britain can fall below that point...) I'd say there was a gulf between what the paper is saying is needed and what the Type 45s are proven to be capable of.


War Hero
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Seems the MOD is leakier than a sieve at the moment.

I hadn't considered the Arctic region seriously as a potentially contentious area, but it makes sense, what with the apparent wealth of resources to be tapped into at some point. Interesting. Ye learn summat new ev'ry day.

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