Telegraph: "'Britain Must Scale Back Ambitions Without More Defence Money'"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Jan 7, 2014.

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    "Britain will have to scale back its strategic ambitions unless defence budgets rise next year, MPs have warned.

    The Armed Forces could also see a “disproportionate decline” in fighting power if there are any more cuts in defence funding they said.

    And one of the greatest strategic threats facing the Armed Forces is that the public no longer understands what they are for, despite having great sympathy for them."

    'Britain must scale back ambitions without more defence money' - Telegraph
  2. We spend what 40 bil a year on defence of our country and its interests? Seems like good value to me. Should be more of course.

    Once we pull out of Afganistan I think they are right, civy street will question what the armed forces do, wrongly I hasten to add. A strong defence force deters agressive acts on nations interests.

    Funny how the RN does most of the protection work re Britains interests . Maybe we should be looking to invest much more in the RN and its resourses and cutting back on the other two lol. That would be very popular Im sure. Cant see why when the two aircraft carriers are built, why the RN FAA cant take over the running of air defence anyway. Just scrap the RAF and let the RN take it over. Then of course you could have the TA reserve force backing up the RM when needed and let the RN do the army bit as well. Well thats all sorted then ..

    Not having a ship to defend our own waters when the Russians tested us last week summed it up.

    Just a bit of tongue in cheek before anyone gets the zig.
  3. I'm not in the scrap the RAF crowd but certainly want all FAA squadrons to be RN only pilots with the RAF staying on land. They should not play with the QECs!
  4. Looks like we have a crab sympathiser in out midst? Get yourself over to e-goat fella :)

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  5. Hey I never said that. Let them play with their air defence toys. But they should stay out of the carriers. Exactl y why should there be no air force? Other countries have three services. Are you in the stone age?
  6. Calm down dear! I was taking the p*ss. However as a card carrying matelot, it's should be in your blood to promote the end of the 100 year experiment :)

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  7. Tell you what , the RAF can go to Scotland when it goes independent. Happy now?
  8. As long a we can keep Gannet :)

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  9. So now we're annexing Prestwick airport as well as Faslane?

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  10. I think the general public would have a better appreciation of the defence budget if our troops were seen to be more proactive here in a disaster situation, I can well remember the floods of 1953 & there were troops & military equipment everywhere assisting & trying to sort out the problems, where are/were they this time? as was ably described to "call me Dave" by the lady in Yalding Kent

    We seem as a nation to hide them/it away unless there's a problem far away, but here the public are left to fend for themselves, it's no small wonder that they see the current defence budget & it's increases as a waste of money.
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  11. As I said previously on a different Thread, we should bring back the Public Information Film. Not only should it convey what's done but why it's done.

    The average Taxpayer thinks that the Forces exist to defend the Nation. What isn't made clear to them is the function of defending the Nation's interests. That important function is easily overlooked and creates the mindset of "who wants to invade us anyway".
  12. So you're not a navigating woo then?

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  13. Ok. the same quarter(ish) of the republic of jock land

    We can keep West Freugh as well, Stranraer is not a bad night out.

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  14. If I remember rightly, such assistance is now provided at the request of the Civil Authority and charged for. I think Aid to The Civil Authority isn't free anymore which creates a reluctance to make requests.
  15. I think arguably the RN is the most misunderstood of the armed forces- someone with no naval connection would be surprised at the time spend away from homeport and deployed; and the work it does other than 'training to be murderers' (quote thrown around social media a lot). When it comes to requiring public support to push for additional funding its tricky when a lot are clueless!
  16. Slightly off topic but carrying on with the "the taxpayers don't appreciate/understand what we do" theme:Why doesn't the RN use some of it's advertising/recruitment budget to take out a full page advert once a month in 3 of the national newspapers, i'm thinking The Times, Daily Mail & The People to cover most political/social groups. It could then detail which units are on deployment and what their mission is; Counter narcotics for an APT(N) ship for example, what the fishery protection sqn are up to, how many subs are on patrol, how many RN personnel are based in Afghan etc. Not only would this give the public an idea of what we actually do and where their money goes but surely it would be an ideal way to sell the Rn to potential recruits once they see exactly where we go and what we do.
  17. And the RAF reserves could sponsor it.

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  18. Before my kid joined the mob I had a vague idea what the RN did . I never really thought too much about it tbh. I knew what the army did as they are much more in your face media wise. I had great respect for the armed forces of course but it wasnt really something in my life. The Daily Mail and The Sun provided everything I needed to know (ashamed).

    I was typical of the civy population. Civys have very little idea what you lot do and why you do it . They have some vague knowledge about pirates in Somalia and that the RN patrols there . They know the RN goes to the Falklands, but hey whats the pont, the Argies wont ever attack these day eh? Of course life in the RN is great . You get to go all over the world and have a right jolly up going places most of the rest of us can only dream about. Hey thats ok becasue if we go to war you lot will be in the front line so we will give you a bit of licence. Of course a civy just thinks you go in the RN do a bit of training and end up on a ship, nothing too tough. Anyone can do that cant they?

    Most dont even know that deployment can involve six to nine months or more away from family. That whilst on deployment you are showing that Britain is watching out for its interests and keeping the shipping lanes open for their new TV's and food stuffs. That overseas protectorates are not forgotten and our obligations are filled. That stopping drugs that would reach our streets and kids is a big job. That the RN offers support to overseas territories showing our flag and goodwill by helping local comunities in far away lands doing up schools ect. Your average civy knows nothing of any of this. That the PR the RN does for this country across the world enhances the image of our nation and breeds respect.

    The silent service that make madmen think twice about fcking us off . The very ones who leave Faslane, submerge for months not knowing where they are and then come back to the same place they left months earlier without seeing daylight. Unless you went to the States of course and you get a nice hotel for a few days , and well deserved.

    More needs to be done to inform the general public what you people sacrifice to do the job you do. Hell yeah I know you have a good time too but fck theres the boredom and tiredness . The lack of privacy and the routine drudgery of everyday work. Family issues that civy wouldnt dream of.

    Not enough is done by the media or indeed the government to promote the Armed forces and thier invaluable role in the workings of this county of ours. I think its fear of a Guardian backlash myself and they are reticent to big up the armed forces just in case it upsets someone . Its sad that I was vaguely interested before and had no real idea . Of course I only know a little more now and I could never know the cold hard reality of actually being there but I have a much better insight now and even more respect for you folks.

    Sorry that was a bit of a sound off Ill shut up now.
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  19. Btw JFH, if you want to disband the RAF, do you expect Royal Navy personnel to sit all day and watch radar screens?
  20. I expect RN Radar operators to do that. I expect a massive recruiting drive to fill the spaces and the RAF to wear dark blue and learn to bimble and salute properly.:)

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