Telegraph: "Army says it needs 20,000 more soldiers"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Feb 27, 2010.

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  1. Likewise the RN needs more ships and them there black thing's, oh and of course the crabs would love more helo's and fast jets. However we also need lots of money to pay for these things.
  2. "Senior army sources warned last week that many British military capabilities lacked relevance and were structured and equipped for the 20th-century cold war.

    They said that of all weapons at the disposal of the armed forces, the Trident missile system was least likely to be used. "

    No sh*t Sherlock! Nobody has ever accused percy of being the sharpest have they. Talking about white elephant cold war relics, out of interest have they sold off all their heavy tanks and shuffled the manpower off to infantry units?
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Completely misses the point. As a deterrent, Trident is in continuous use. If it ever delivers an unscheduled sunrise or two, it has failed.
  4. Every branch of the service thinks it deserves a bigger slice of the cake,the cold war may be over,does that mean we get rid of all S/Ms? Accountants decide where the money goes,does any high ranking officers actually have a say in how its spent?
  5. Strange was in Army careers for interview on Thursday, the staff sergeant said the "Army will be fully manned next year". The waiting times are shocking if I get a-b level pass on group selection ill get in this yr.
  6. BARNEYRNSM. The exam question, as ever, is politically loaded. The correct answer is that we need a bigger cake. That, of course, needs a bigger dob of cake mixture from the Government mixing bowl. That requires a long term view of the future and our place in it and a modicum of backbone; both not usually evident in recent experience.

    "High ranking officers" are graciously invited to make selections from a variety of "efficiency"/savings measures that have been prepared for them, along with corresponding pain and grief statements. Each senior officer then hopes to Hell that his offering is the least damaging and his pain and grief looks worse than the other fellahs'. Imagine being directed to offer a toe or finger as a savings measure; and if you don't choose, some other bugger will. Basically, 1SL, CGS and CAS are all on a hiding to nothing.

    Once the current series of Landcentric adventures have ended, one wonders how many brown jobs will remain essential.
  7. Good point well made!
  8. In fact it could be argued that it is even more relevant today than it was during ther Cold War. Uncertaintly calls for more, not less capability! At least them pesky Reds knew that any conflict that developed into a nuclear one was going to be the end of civilisation as we know it and a pre-emptive strike was not a clever move.

    Some of the newbie nuclear powers on the block today need to know very clearly that they can be hit back hard if they ever play silly games with their new toys and should keep them nice and shiny in their boxes.
  9. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    It's OK I've just found the Army 23,000 guys that are loafing in Germany & 3,500 in Cyprus for no apparent reason either.

    Problem solved.

  10. Not loafing really, for some years now they have been going backwards and forwards between Germany, Iraq and Afghanistan like yoyos. Apart from which it is down to 20,000 plus and falling.
  11. I've found 42,000 people loafing. All we need to do is knock a forces ethos into them, issue them with a backbone, some manners and some style followed by a quick lesson in not being gay.

    Yup, they're here:
  12. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Gosh yes, never thought of that. :wink:

    At present the cost of keeping UK forces deployed as overseas residents with their families as a relic of the Cold War (ring any bells?) must cost a huge amount - not only that, they're spending their wages in Germany & Cyprus, not UK.

    Surely they aren't actually needed in Germany or Cyprus - if they were, we wouldn't be deploying them to Iraq & Afghanistan.
  13. Cyprus is strategically important for the Middle East. I also understand that it would cost gazillions to replicate the German barracks, MQs and other facilities back in the UK and it wouldn't be possible to replicate the huge live-firing training areas at all. Troops, their armour, air support and other equipment would forever be forced to travel backwards and forwards to BATUS in Canada instead.
  14. What Naval_Gazer said. Additionally, while Greece is somewhat debilitated at the moment, Turkey may be tempted to reinforce its position on the Island. With entry to the EU currently blocked, it’s nothing to lose. The Turks have already announced that they won’t sacrifice their occupied territory for the EU.

    Just a minute, though; hasn’t CGS already committed to drawing down his Cyprus presence?
  15. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'd certainly not proclaim to be an expert on why Salisbury Plain & computer based training could not match Germany for live firings and presumably the "Middle East" is strategically important once again so that we can enforce regime change & get rid of those pesky WMDs. I thought we'd done that one.

    It would be somewhat short sighted to base one's Armed Forces in another country when the reasion for the operational presence ended 20 years ago. It is indeed ironic that a country (ours) cannot accommodate it's own troops and needs another country (Germany) to locate them, but then wants to increase it's Army by 20,000 - where are we planning on putting them & wouldn't their accommodation cost gazillions?
  16. How many will RALEIGH and DRAKE sites take, come the big day? :cry:
  17. We also have a UN commitment:

  18. An important distinction I learned during joint ops is that the man (or woman) is generally 'the system' in the Army whereas the man (or woman) usually mans 'the system' in the other services. The latter situation lends itself to CBT for sufficiently realistic training (except for physical tasks like Seamanship, NBCD and FF, etc) but the former doesn't and Salisbury Plain is actually quite small and heavily regulated where large scale manoevres and heavy calibre guns and missiles are concerned.

    Germany is still relatively 'cheap' w.r.t. the leasing and running of British bases and their accompanying infrastructure; one of the legacy 'perks' of having been an occupying force. Of course, an extra 20,000 troops would need accompanying infrastructure too and this would come with its own price tag.

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