Telegraph: "Army Facing Huge Cuts After Withdrawal From Afghanistan"

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by soleil, Feb 19, 2011.

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  1. makes me feel a little sick..
  2. Not surprising really as the Army have largely been untroubled by the cuts that hammered the RN and RAF. Typically the moment they aint as vitally necessary to the Govts plans due to no longer having troop committments in Afghanistan then aye, the greedy politicos will begin chopping the Army up too.

    Though I suspect if the Coalition is still in power at this point then it'l be one of its final actions
  3. Imagine being a happy little lance jack cracking on with the job you love and planning for the future, courses/promotion/travel, only to be told thanks for all the effort chap!...we dont need you anymore. P.S sorry for sending you out on repeated tours contrary to harmony.
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  4. Surely the Army chiefs didnt think that their sneaky wrangling during the recent cuts had saved their arrses forever
  5. I'm genuinely starting to wonder if I should just scrap my RN application. Looks like by the time I get my call from the AFCO to start phase 1, I'll get another call saying I've been made redundant.

    Maybe I should just emigrate and join the armed forces of a nation that gives a shit
  6. Gotta fit the bill for emigration alas. Most commonwealth nations worth going to wont take you unless you meet the requirements for a skilled migrant worker or are superman :p

    Although the potential exists to goto RNZN when you reach sufficient rank in certain RN branches apparently (saw ad in navy news for it).

    although...........if you are desperate........

    You could always just go join the FFL :tongue10:
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  7. The FFL is always highly recommended at RRL.
  8. From what I hear the Aussie DF - especially RAN - are recruiting like mad. They are doubling their subs, building new frigates etc.
  9. Failing that....convert to Judaism, emigrate to Israel under their Laws of Return and join the IDF............see plenty of action that way :p
  10. haha. How hard can Aussie immigration be? Oz is basically southern Spain anyway: unbearably hot, full of ex-pats and all the non ex-pats are cocky sunbathers :D
  11. Australia has very strict quotas on Immigration and generally you need to be a skilled worker in a trade/role the nation needs.

    You also forgot the fact that 99% of the wildlife are the most dangerous of their species and 99% of those can and will kill you in poisonous and painful ways :D
  12. And the non-human kind are also pretty bad I hear!
  13. Join the Indians, we are investing heavily in theirs!!!!!!!!

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