Telegraph: "A Whitehall Scandal That's Bigger Than Lobbying?"

Well that much is ******* obvious, it's why were in such a sorry state. Will those involved be prosecuted in line with the severity of their actions. Not a chance.

There's a reason the GVMt spends so much on procurement/military contracts and consultants. It's because someone's pockets need lining.

What would happen to a bank robber who stole several billion pounds of taxpayers money? LOL Everyone wants their cut.

“This is potentially even worse than lobbying,” he said. “Thirty years ago, top public sector jobs were seen as the pinnacle of someone’s career. You were never going to do anything more important. Now, the danger is that they are seen as merely a stepping stone to private-sector riches – and that, rather than serving the taxpayer, becomes your prime objective.”
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Yep, it's all true. When I went outside I worked for Defence related companies, using my hard earned and time served knowledge. My only problem is that the Telegraph article is wrong - it was not for a hugely inflated salary, but a hugely DE-flated salary! I mean, no submarine pay, no LSP, no diving pay, no trade pay AND I had to pay for my own food!! (Before PAYD!)


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