Telegraph: "A Fighter Falls Prey To Politics"

Discussion in 'The Fleet Air Arm' started by soleil, Oct 23, 2010.

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  1. Seaweed

    Seaweed War Hero Book Reviewer

    'Fighter'? They cannot be serious.
  2. So you see it as what then? :?
  3. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Betrayel is not an emotion, nor does it describe one. Con Coughlin talks out of his fundamental orifice and is as Defence savvy as Lewis Page or Max Hastings. Did he talk with Harrier pilots following DC's appearance at PJHQ? I rather doubt it. Why the surprise and anger that Crab Air may have been fighting their case (right or wrong) better than the FAA. Inter service politics and rivalries? Shock horror. We may be Joint but we are still parocial. Grow up, man up and STF up.

    Don't Crabs fly FAA Harriers too?
  4. Another mud mover. Fighters are traditionally air to air capable.
  5. The was a very strong case for arguing that GR9+AIM9L+ASaC+T45 = stronger air defence than SHAR+AIM9L+nothing+T42 so in fact technically it could be used as a fighter. No BVR never hurt us in the Falklands if you believe the hype...

    In other news - no, another thing is the Harrier simply isn't a more capable aircraft than the GR4's with regards to CAS - it can get to contacts faster, it hangs around longer, it has cannon, carries more ordnance, and has a back seater which is always useful. Oh, plus a whole raft of imagery suites that the GR9's don't. Plus are have their upgrade coming in sooner.

    It was the right choice if we did indeed have to lose one. We only have ourselves to blame for the minor laughing stock we're about to become :(
  6. No, not at all but like I said we didn't have anything more than sidewinder and cannon down in the Falklands in '82 and the FAA did pretty well out of it. Also, ASaC gives a far better air picture than the SHAR's Blue Vixen - ie a look down capability over land amongst other things.

    Now I am no way saying that it is as good as having a BVR fighter with AMRAAM embarked, like the FA2 or a FA18 or F35C, BUT I don't think it would (have) do (done) as badly as everyone thinks they would if we('d) had to use them as fleet defence fighters.

    Thank god for uncle sam anyway, eh? ;)
  7. Whizzer what about the bad old days.... of a Gannet going out some 600 NM and switching on his APS 20 ?? To extend his vision for another 300 NM From mother????? dont they talk about that at BRNC???? :lol:
  8. Remember reading somewhere once that a US Fighter pilot intercepted a Gannet once and couldnt figure out what the thing was. And that the pilot was sat there reading a book in a leather helmet (ala Biggles)

    Edit to add- The book was Phoenix Squadron
  9. 849 squadron gannets aircrew all had bone domes!!!! hope the guys down aft were not having a stand easy whilst airborne :lol: :lol:
  10. I know it's all too late but we really should have gone down this route. The II+ will kick the arse off anything in the British inventory, when it comes to CAS, will outmatch the F18 for flexibilty, whilst having very similar CAS capability and is only surpassed but the F15E for kit. Speed is pretty much irrelevant in CAS, as most of the time you're holding at the contact point awaiting your tasking and supersonic bombing runs are not recommended 8O Slap on the AMRAAM, as the non-USMC have done, and you've got a very capable fleet defender. Low down it'll match an F18 for turning, so makes for a pretty good fighter too.

    I was far too low down the food chain to be heard but I argued for the II+ when anybody would listen. The APG65 wasn't quite as good as the Blue Vixen turned out to be (air-to-ground excepted) but it was more than good enough for what we needed and would have saved us a shed load of money, delays and, ultimately, the loss of FAA fixed wing if we'd bought these, rather than upgrade to the FA2, while we wait for the JSF.

    They do sound weird but they're also much more comfortable than the SHAR :)

    Ho hum, back to my Boeing I suppose :?

  11. Proper hi-pitched scream when running!

    BTW, just days after the announcement that we are binning F35B, this baby has pitched up at Pax River for our people to play with . Apparently the futures' bright for F35C 8)

  12. I was just reading about them the other day, theres an opportunitiy missed if ever there was one.

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