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Teleg: Conservatives to delay Trident replacement by 5 years

Re: Teleg: Conservatives to delay Trident replacement by 5 y

The MoD has already spent around £7 million on research by Rolls-Royce looking at extending the life of the nuclear reactors that power the Vanguards.
Well that’s the first £7M spent then.


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the issue was more about the scrubbers, MGs etc...that had a certain shelf life...they had to do some research to see if they could last that little bit longer....guess they think they can


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Well at least Cameron has promised to fence and safeguard foreign aid .. defence is obviously not a Tory priority any longer (if indeed it ever was, remembering years of chiselling and the review which resulted in the Falklands War).

Fox seems to have been well briefed but the others obviously have no clue whatsoever.
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