Teepol.... Does pusser still use it as a mouthwash?

Discussion in 'The Gash Barge' started by thingy, Sep 23, 2009.

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  1. Is Teepol still used as a mouthwash for foulmouthed matelots?
  2. I find a quick spray of Pledge and a chew on a Neutradol in the morning works wonders to disguise the tell tale smell of a heavy night.
  3. I must admit to finding whisky a good mouthwash before bedtime, but would Teepol cure me of my swearing habit? Nutty swears by it! :biggrin:
  4. No No, two-deckers;

    Thingers is not concerned with Bad Breath (Halitosis).

    Surely his inquiry relates to the rich and expletive-laden matelot language otherwise called 'Jack running off at the mouth'.

    Best wait for Mong del Piss on this one, good Sirs.

    After all, he is the self-styled representative of today's serving Royal Navy and his otherwise immaculate English is generally sprinked with the foulest and saltiest maritime expletives this side of Anglo-Saxony. He will know the score.

    Teepol BTW? Whatever happened to Pussers Hard?

    (I actually saw a slab of it at a flea-market on holiday in Malta last year. Nearly bought it on the grounds of nostalgia.... But WHOAH there; Whoever returned from Malta with a slab of Pussers Hard for a Rabbit? I did NOT want to start a trend!)
  5. Never mind Teepol,do they still use ME7 on the decks?
  6. Great stuff for clearing up warts.... :D (not mine of course) greenies always using it... :wink:
  7. Can it cure my matelotosis?

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