Teenager dies in police car chase

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by slim, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. http://uk.news.yahoo.com/21/20090627/tuk-teenager-dies-in-police-car-chase-6323e80.html

    Well I've said it before and I'm saying it again. Good, another theiving bastard removed from society.
    Now I suppose we will have all the scroats making statements of what a nice gay he was.

    A teenager has died and a 16-year-old boy is critically ill in hospital after a car smashed into a viaduct while being followed by a police patrol.
    Warwickshire Police said the Toyota Carina struck a pillar of the bridge in Rugby shortly after an officer investigating a report of a car-jacking started to track the vehicle.

    An 18-year-old man at the wheel of the Toyota suffered a serious head injury and was pronounced dead shortly after his arrival at Coventry's University Hospital.

    His 16-year-old passenger sustained pelvic and leg injuries in the crash at Butlers Leap, Rugby, and is in a critical condition in the same hospital.

    A police spokesman said the crash happened shortly after a food delivery worker was pushed away from his Toyota car by two males who made off in the vehicle.

    "Shortly before 1.30am, a police officer who was on duty in the area following a report of a robbery, saw a red Toyota Carina with two males on board which he suspected might have been involved in the robbery," the spokesman said.

    "The officer, who was driving a marked vehicle, started to follow the Toyota.

    "For reasons which are not clear, after a very short time the Toyota collided with the central pillar of the viaduct at Butlers Leap.

    "No other vehicles were involved."
  2. Was it a Domino Pizza car, It fcukin took them to a "Happy Place" 8O :oops: :cry:
  3. Takes a bit of pressure off the staff at H.M.Y.O.I.Brinsford where i used to bang the little scum bag scroats up. Rugby is in the catchment area.
  4. AGREE!
  5. 2 down, thousands to go.
  6. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news,Unfortunately only one ot the scroats croaked :cry:
  7. He can breath,

    But he can't run :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: 8O
  8. Yeh, but he's off the road for a we while. That'll do for me.

    I was encouraged by the word critical as well. :lol:
  9. No sympathy for the little fcukers. I hate bastards who go out and cause misery for other people. I hope the cnut who died did so in agony and I hope the other fcuker is crippled for life. Fcuk 'em.

    A couple of weeks ago there was an incident outside my house, a 30 mph residential street. One of our local young fcukwits on his race-rep bike was screaming along, using the roads as a race track as usual, when he creamed into the side of car. He hit it so hard that he turned the car 90 degrees in the road, twisted the chassis and ripped the boot lid clean off of the hatchback. He snapped his leg in half, bone sticking out. I really really hope he's crippled for life, but he'll probably start doing it again as soon as it's fixed. Apparently one of his mates pitched up before the Old Bill arrived and relieved him of his drugs.
  10. I hope that the car owner has protected no claims bonus :oops:
  11. All the little cherubs front up in a free car park near me in their "souped up" Ford Fiesta's etc with the bass banging out. They spend half the night doing wheelspins etc. I often wondered where I can get a steamroller or 2nd hand tank so I squidge the tw*ts into the tarmac...any ideas (can you buy 2nd hand stingers on e-bay?)
  12. "oh dear, how sad, never mind" Battery Sergeant Major Williams :)

  13. The tyre-puncturer-thingy, or the missile?
  14. Not on e-bay but .....


    These will sell you the bits...perfect for the firing range at Hyson Green Notts
  15. Either will do nicely, in fact no, make it the missile then there's less chance of them coming back (at least in one piece)
  16. You should all hang your heads in shame, not one of you has shown any sympathy................

    ..........for the bridge.
    Not only were a few bricks probably dislodged but it will now have to stoically endure having white crosses, tacky floral tributes, teddy bears and bottles of White Lightning strewn around as the friends/family of the turd do the usual grieve ghoul routine.
    The usual quotes from parents and relations will no doubt follow..."He was a lovely lad...give you the shirt off his back...he just loved cars. etc etc."
    As for the scrote who survived...mores the pity as others will now have to pay for his treatment and probable lifelong sickness benefits as "I can't seem to move my leg very well Doctor.". Tough sh!t sunshine you steal cars, you live with the consequences.
    Just thankful that no innocents were injured.

  17. White lightning strewn around?..........see now you saying that, well puts me in a dilema. Its not a long tab to get to that bridge, and if there is booze lying around well........................
    But should I get there and find now't, or worse still,...... that pig Jesse beat me to it ,........ 8O :wink: :D well how long does hate mail take to NZ?
  18. Pretty sure you could get a Rusky tank and driver for around £500/day :lol:

    Well worth it if you even get one of the lil' sh!ts..
  19. Mate you can hardly blame me if they waste the booze by tipping it Gangsta stylee innit, all over the scene of death to give the scrote..er I mean dearly departed sippers.
    Easy solution take your own, (I know, but needs must) and salute the lil barsteward in an appropriate manner.
    Drinking up and then emptying your bladder all over the LUV U BRO signs and petrol station bouquets sounds about right to me. :twisted:
  20. On one of the threads on this forum(Red Sailor) there is a pass it on routine.
    So we collectively buy a tank, and go chav choppin.
    We could even award points for certain catagories. :twisted:

    The p*ss stain NAAFI club.( Nasties Arbitary Axed Fcukin Instantly )

    I must stop watchin vigillante films 8O :oops: :D

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