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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by Gombear, Sep 16, 2009.

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  1. The current thread on teenage fantasies reminded me of the girly mags that were the staple diet of many lads.

    In the late fifties, my elder brother used to collect magazines called Spick & Span. They just featured piccys of girls hoisting their skirts to give a flash of stocking tops and suspenders. Innocent by today’s standard, but really erotic in those days.
    Does anyone remember Spick & Span?

    As for my teenage years it was Fiesta and Parade. What were your favourites?

    Apologies if this subject has been posted before. If it has, just ignore this one.
  2. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I seem to remember the first of these mags. was the H & E which showed full nudes with everything interesting airbrushed out.
  3. Remember H&E, think it's still going. For me it was Mayfair and Fiesta, then Escort when that came out.
  4. Being draged up in a childrens home the most pervy mag/comic i could get me hands on was the beano or the dandy, :D i used to [email protected] thinking pervy thoughts of beril the peril
  5. So you like cars then ?? :wink:
  6. No but there was a few bikes in those mags I could happily have ridden :lol:
  7. My early memories of 'educational literature' were my Dad's collection under his bed, which included; Knave, Men Only, Penthouse and Mayfair. I can also remember the more vivid mags with the 'bacon' shots such as Whitehouse and Parade.
  8. There was a mag in the "Whitehouse" style that had to change it's name 'cos it was the same as another ordinary mag. Can't remember the name although New Direction is one that springs to mind
  9. Cannot remember the name either Wrecker, but I can also remember another one of that era with the infamous Mary Millington - Playbirds.
  10. I thought this was going to be a discussion about 'Jackie' with perhaps a bit of David Essex, David Cassidy or Donny Osmond thrown in.

    Am disappointed and there are no cakes.
  11. I think the mags probably reached their high point in the mid 70s, with Men Only and Club International.

    As for Whitehouse and its sister magazines, they were like gynaecological publications. IMHO, utterly tasteless. Well, actually that’s not true; they were so graphic you could almost taste them. 8O
  12. I can remember coming home from school to a major bollocking from my mum because she'd found my stash.
    Part of the bollocking went along the lines that they were unfit for human consumption!
    They were nothing compared to today's porn.

    Years later she told me that, when she told my dad, his response was that at least it proved I was "normal!.
  13. I though todays teeny girly mags offered up such advice as whether to spit or swallow?
  14. You've just jolted the memory cells, the mag was called Ladybirds and the the ladybird book publishers took them to court so they re-named it...ta ra "Playbirds".

    How can I remember sh1t like this but not what my tax code is or where my car keys are?????? :oops: 8O

    edited to add there was also "Lovebirds" but all by the same publisher
  15. Yes, its funny, the attitude of some parents.

    I remember when my brother had a “nocturnal emissionâ€, my mother was mortified. She told my dad that he had better have a word with the boy or else she would and “that would be coming from a woman!!â€

    FFS, thank you Victorian values! :evil: The grief that brand hypocrisy caused/causes is appalling. :evil:
  16. H & E was literature for those who like to run around with the wind in their hair but was the first magazine I remember seeing that had nekked ladies. I liberated/RASed a copy from my local newsagent at the tender age of 9 or 10. (Nowadays kids not much older are having sprogs of their own. 8O :roll: )

    I do remember Playbirds and Lovebirds, Men Only was OK, Men's World - better, but my favourite 'stress-relief BR' has to be Club International.
  17. Got to agree with you there Jimmy as far as Club International goes and that particular mag always seemed to have the classy girls in it. I think they were one of the first mags to have the old 'shaven haven' or 'thatched roof' fairly regularly, which always looks far better than the old shock mate down there. I once had a copy of Mayfair mag with Linda Lusardi in it and feck me, she was a hairy bitch and you would have needed a machete to get near her pissflaps.

    Cannot beat Escort or Razzle for the truely durty lasses from next door though and an old mucker of mine from my Nottingham days always used to ensure he obtained the latest edition of escort from the garage which used to be under the Tricorn centre. No names and all that, but he was a killick bunting and used to have a vast collection of the 'Private' mag as well. :)
  18. I have a vague recollection from the sixties of a weekly publication called Titbits which was nowhere near as interesting as the title would suggest.It was famous for featuring a busty woman on the front page and a one with a nice arse on the sports page.
  19. Funny Half Hour was another mag thats springs to mind.

    Mary Millington got a P Boat in the poo,Grampus I think,by being photographed nude below decks.
    Nice pic,tragic end to her though eventually.
  20. Readers Wives.

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