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Teenage fantasies


War Hero
Diana Rigg, and Jean Morton the presenter of the Tinger&tucker club.

The fcukin bears were Hot as well 8O :twisted:
When I was young and innocent, I fancied Mrs. Slocum's pussy, wanting to stroke it and bury my face in its fur. Then my mummy explained that Mrs. Slocum's pussy was not what it seemed. My next crush was the handsome Captain Haddock of my avatar. I didn't realise he was an alcoholic until my mummy cautioned me to the dangers of worshiping sailors: you know what sailors are? I didn't so my next choice was Lt. Hornblower, a dashing and humane sailor who confounded the ossifer stereotypes. Then I discovered that he was a fictional character. I mourned for years, then encountered RR's UA. :razz:

I'm still a teenager at heart! Just an aging slob in reality....