Teenage daughter (18) in recruiting phase.


Apologies if this has been asked. My daughter is in the recruitment phase has passed test, eye test and heading for formal interview. She wishes to join as an Air Engineering Technician, my older son is a qualified ETME (SM) and I am aware of the whole process however am I just being stupid worrying about her joining because she is a girl!!!!! Looking for a wee bit of advice from other parents if girls !!! The Royal Navy cannot have done enough for my son but so worried about her going!!!!!


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My son joined last year, and I’m still serving, but I don’t have specific advice to having a daughter join I’m afraid. I would say having worked at Raleigh that you have no more to worry about than when your son joined.

Besides any advice available on this site, there is a Facebook page called ‘HMS Raleigh Families (and phase 2 & beyond) where there are several Mothers who’s daughters are at or have been through Raleigh. You may find some reassurance there.


Thank you soleil for your quick reply. My son joined at 16 and I has been in a few years now and doing really well I suppose it’s just that she is a women and the fitness part worries me she working really hard and we have a great recruitment PO he is great And really supportive the rest of the family are not supporting her choice as much as they did my son ! I know that the girls all did just as well in my sons group I am just struggling with her choice to do it!!!!! Stupid i know


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Your post has reminded me of one of the old RN Recruitment adverts, Swannie.

Your daughter has made a great choice; I'm sure that she will flourish. Come the end of the year, you will be wondering what you were worried about.


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Just to show gender is irrelevant, there was a female Commodore in charge of the Naval Base in Faslane ( home of the Trident missile boats and Astute class submarines) and the present Captain at Raleigh is female. The sky's the limit for females in the RN nowadays, there are no glass ceilings.


Wrecker! Thanks again am sure you and I chatted 4 years ago! I may remind my son if that when he doing his best to put her off !!!! Lol


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She’ll be fine there’s not many girls in Sultan but all the AET ones stick together and really bond, The lads stick with them as well because the course is pretty intense from the look of it


Hello again all
Formal recruitment selection interview next week what aspects of the air side of the service should she be studying ??? Thanks again in advance all help suggestions are greatly appreciated


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Hello again all
Formal recruitment selection interview next week what aspects of the air side of the service should she be studying ??? Thanks again in advance all help suggestions are greatly appreciated
Suggest that she will want to be able to say which aircraft, fixed wing and rotary, she is likely to encounter. Can she say what the fixed wing provision for the new carrier is going to be?


Where are the FAA bases in the UK?

Can she name some ships which have aircraft on them?

What are the current types of ships in the Fleet eg Type 45 etc.

Suggest getting a copy of Navy News at W H Smith for a quick read about current deployments etc.

Just to add this is my personal suggestion and an off-the-cuff one. Best advice will be from Ninja_Stoker.
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