What's wrong with a personal apology? I thought that was the new idea.

Tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime . . . kind of.
It's not fair! I got severer punishments at school for daydreaming during Maths... I wish I could have got away with writing an apology to my Maths Master, the Headmaster and did 12 hours detention instead. :roll:

Do you think I can sue for being roughly manhandled in the early 1970s? Perhaps I might qualify for £50K for hurt feelings, humbled pride and flesh wounds! :cry:


How about putting this teenager in the stocks! :twisted:
Made to aplogise, tsk tsk, what about giving her a kidney punch, theiving little twot.
I was in the UK last year and was buying something in Boots in GUZZ when some chavver ran out through the front doors full tilt, when I went to pay I asked the old bird on the counter what was up. She said he had theived and it was the third time today (Sunday), she said they know we don't have security on today and they just swan in, thieve and run out.
Nice eh?
Maybe the security guard wages should be increased and you could put nightclub bouncers in there instead of the old men that seem to be doing it now. 2 in each shop, a sprinter for catching and a thumper for, well, you know. I am sure the extra wages would be covered by the decrease in stolen goods. Would you be outraged if one of these tea leaves was getting a spank outside Debenhams for knicking? I bloody wouldn't.

As a side note, I live somewhere now where you have REAL poor people, and shoplifting here is almost unheard of.