Teen falls down manhole whilst texting

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by R077, Jul 12, 2009.

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  1. Almost a candidate for a "Darwin Award"
  2. "Because of their careless mistake I got hurt."

    Stupid bint should take a bit of personal responsibility and look where she's fcuking going.

    Just like the idiots who blindly follow satnav into rivers or onto railway lines. They ought to try plugging their fcuking brain in once in a while.
  3. "Alexa lost one of her sneakers in the sewer"

    Oh noooo, poor girl. How very traumatic for her.
  4. They say 'Where there's muck, there's brass' - now she will probably sue for millions.
  5. unfortunately she had to unplug it to make room for her i pod and sat nav
    :lol: :twisted:
  6. feckin idiot recons she would have seen a bollard well she dint see the feckin hole so whos 2 say shed see a bollard.cock eyed cow. im with you on the sat navs we got wimmin workin with us they wud follow a sat nav over a cliff
  7. I thought you were not allowed to call them man holes anymore.
    Not PC.!
  8. So I have a reputation for always arriving LATE.

    I'm on leave and have a hot date with a real gorgeous. Its an all afternoon and evening kind of date that starts at 2PM.
    I'm late and I'm running up Colmore Row in Brum at about 100Knots.
    Some one shouts my name and I look around but continue running.
    I wake up in the A&E. I have run off the edge of the known world, straight into a telephone maintenance pit, hit my head on side and nearly killed the engineer when landing atop him.
    I wont be calling this bird a thick tw*t. :oops: :oops: :oops: 8O
  9. silverfox

    silverfox War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    and that makes 2 of you........
  10. That rings a bell about where i live in Norway,some friggin stupid Swedish truck driver followed his satnav even when the road turned into a lane,tractor road,gravel path,grass ,mud,nothing,jepp you know what happened next he got stuck fast down to the axeles,to make it worse it was winter although no snow it was still -30, :D
  11. Know what you mean,I walked into a bar once. :lol:
  12. Yeh but rumrat look at the ferkin state of it,i wouldnt do it with your todger , she deserves nothing but abuse,ferkin ugly split twat, :D
  13. Looks like she should have gone down the hole and never come back :D :D
  14. Thats fcukin decent of you opp's I knew I could depend on you.

    Could I do her with my own? 8O :oops: :D
  15. Poor old BT engineer :) :D :D :D

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