hi i am looking to join the navy as a technician however i have a few people who i know in the navy saying their trade is better, the three are; et(me), et (we) and aet. i have spoken to a careers officer and he said to just take rt first then narrow it down, was just wondering if anymore people had any other reasons for going for a certain branch. and does anyone know the waiting times for these jobs. thanks
As Soleil says, what are you interested in..big engines and general engineering, weapons and computers or aircraft.

AET has the highest RT score so aim for that and all three are options.

Simple innit.
yeh best idea to aim highest i think how much sea time do they get just as would like to do a fair bit, whichj you may have guessed as i want to join the navy lol
thinking about it really soleil i wouldnt mind the ET (me) as seems more like my kind of work like more genral engineering but i am going in sometime this week to speak face to face as only spoke on phone due to work

It might be worth asking the AFCO on which day they do their Presentation (a talk about joining the RN) and asking to go to that.
my dad seems to think that i will most prob be wating longer then i think but i mean which branches wouldnt you be waiting long for


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Plymo, bear in mind this is something you're going to have to do as a career for a good few years, so you need to know you're going to enjoy what you'll be doing. The right career is worth waiting for, the wrong career isn't worth jumping at because it'll mean you'll be employed quicker. A little patience in the short term during a waiting time will pay off in the end... what's a few months?


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Ah ok, my bad, sounded like you were saying you would do anything to get in quicker..

Ninja_Stoker and SuperMario are your fellas to ask about waiting times.

actually i would like to so if anyone knows waiting times for mainly engineering trades please do tell just to wipe the big smerk off my dads face cheers

Based on the three trades which you have mentioned, you would probably be starting Basic between April and August of next year, providing, of course, that everything goes smoothly with the individual elements of the recruitment process.

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