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Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by MG Maniac, Feb 12, 2015.

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  1. Mrs MG in her infinite wisdom wanted electrickery down her stable block ... which seeing the nearest pole is 1/2 mile away rules out shinning up it with a pair of crocodile clips so resorted to the purchase of a small 850W Generator! Also purchased was a inspection light with a 10mtr cable ... the idea being flash up genny ... plug in inspection light and you can see for 'kin miles!

    Is she happy ... she's a woman ...of course not! She now wants lights in all the stables ... so got to thinking ... genny = 850W ... 3 stables and a tackroom at 60W each = 240W so genny got plenty of poke! So the question is how do I knock up one of those light strings that we used to use in the damage control exercises??? My thought is run a cable and connect the lights in parallel or is this going to result in me burning the place down?
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  2. MG
    May I suggest you wire each stable with an individual light with either a switch outside each one or a single switch to turn them all on.
    Make sure you use weather resistant IP56 (ingress protection value I.e resistance to water ingress dust etc) if they will be exposed to weather

    The website below will give you a lot of information on wiring. As your going to use a generator ensure you have an earth spike driven into the ground beside the genny and connect the chassis of the generator to it with flexible cable.
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  3. I would fit a couple of solar panels to the roof and buy a couple of large capacity batteries.
    Don't bother with an inverter use low voltage LED lighting.
    I'm fairly sure that the output of the solar panels should be sufficient to charge the batteries and run stable lighting even on winter days.
    Or just fit LED lighting, buy a couple of batteries, have one on charge at home and the other in use at the stables.
    Cheap solution.
  4. Did think about this however output unlikely to drive powertools / horse clippers. Did also think about a power inverter 12v - 240v and put it on a leisure battery but the downside was the battery and inverter were more than the genny!
  5. They would have been initially, however genies need that expensive stuff called fuel, unless you have access to Red diesel and a diesel genny.
  6. MGM. Maybe you just need some lateral thinking.
    You already have power generating capacity in the horses.
    Not far from you is Carisbrooke Castle, where there is a deep well, a treadmill and donkeys........
  7. Wire them in parallel, whatever power source you decide, without going into the maths, if you put them in series if one goes out, they all go out.

    You don't need a DC Necklace although I'm sure you can get the civvy equivalent that they use at outdoor events, but that would mean one on, all on. If your going to use sockets as well, wire the power source into a consumer unit (they're not that expensive and you can get small 2 or 3 way ones) inside the first stable, 1 RCD for the lights, 1 for sockets.

    That will safeguard you burning the stables down :)
  8. Buy a 2 way IP rated consumer unit with an RCD ( you will need to change the 32A mcb with a 16A mcb unless you run the sockets in a ring. Run power off the 16A and the lights off the 6A. connect your Jenny to the top connections to the RCD and when you start the jenny all will work as it would at home. You MUST put in an earth rod for protection or the RCD won't work. If you send me a message with your e-mail address I will send you a wiring diagram. Include a rough sketch of the stables, I will also include you a links to the equipment you need from screwfix as you will probably have one around where you live or you can order them on-line. Where do you live?
  9. MGM, my best advice to you is to hire an approved/licensed electrician to do this job for you. Can't remember the electrical rules/laws/codes for UK but here in Canada if you put in additional circuits (e.g. basement, garage, shed etc.) you need a permit before commencing the work and an inspection prior to connecting to the mains. While this may sound a bit OTT, it is for your own protection. If the circuit develops a fault and burns down your house/garage/shed the insurance will pay out if you can provide the permit and inspection certificate. If, on the other hand, you do the work yourself and have no documentation you'd be fcuked for the insurance payout (even worse for you if someone was injured or killed). To keep costs down, you could buy all the gear your going to need beforehand and just have a qualified electrician do the install. That way, you just pay for his labour and not the huge mark-up he'll no doubt charge on the gear. Good luck.
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  10. Sh0ot the horses. Turn the stables into a bar. Use candles as mood lighting. Problem solved and you can also bbq the horses.
    Jist an idea like mannie!

    Spelling sorted as I'm now sober(ish)
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