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This is my first post here, and I've so far found this forum to be of immense help! I still have a few questions, though. I tried searching for threads, but didn't find much relevant or recent information.

Does anyone have information on the Technical Bursary for Engineer Officers? The Royal Navy website talks about it, but I can't find any information on what degrees are accredited, who is eligible, how to apply, etc.

1. I am a Canadian student going into my second year of a four-year physics programme in Scotland, and I have been thinking about joining the Royal Navy for a while now, as a Marine Engineer Officer. Am I eligible to even apply, without having lived in the UK, except on a student visa? The brochure and careers guide say this career is open to citizens of Commonwealth countries, but I've heard that five-years residency is still a requirement, and I'm looking for clarification. Is the technical bursary open to Commonwealth citizens?

2. I'm also unsure of the timeline for applying. If I'm going back to school in September, and have exams in mid-to-late December and mid-to-late May, is there an optimal time I should apply to reduce the chance of university and the recruitment tests and interviews from clashing, or do they only accept applications at a certain time?

3. Sports and the military have never really been a part of my life until now. I don't know anyone in the military, and I don't have many leadership experiences. My life has been mainly academic, but I have volunteered as part of a volunteer group offering services to the public, in a library, and organising a free programme for children that I was one of the creators of. Does anybody have any advice for the leadership and similar questions in the interviews?


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Taking one thing at a time, you would need to check the residency issue with the overseas desk, email: [email protected] Bursars need the equivalent of the mandatory 5 GCSEs & 240 UCAS points at A Level.

My advice, bearing in mind the overseas desk deals with literally hundreds of enquiries, is keep it short & pertinent. Include scanned copies of your educational qualifications so they can be verified. The two things you need to know are simply "Does the residency rule apply to bursars & are you educationally eligible". My experience is that if you try to enter into a long & meaningful email dialogue, you will deter a timely response.

If you're eligible, (I suspect there maybe issues) happy to advise further but in the meantime, you've already identified areas you'll need to continue to develop with regard leadership. Timing? Doesn't matter.

Good luck.

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