Tears in my eyes

Discussion in 'Diamond Lil's' started by howfen_lad, Jul 10, 2011.

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  1. This could of gone into 'Nearest and Dearest' but i'll place it into here as the replies are always funny in Lil's.

    I received a phone call earlyer to ask me if i am still going down to the graveyard for a can, my reply was, "of course meet you there", now this may seem rather wierd and strange but hopefully the following will assure you i am not a Necrophiliac. Yet :laughing2:

    When i was 14 years old i had a great bunch of mates who would do the usual, play football, fight, pinch milk off the milkman's truck as he rogered our mums, climb trees and search for any girls of our age that would let us squeeze there bums, just the usual young lad stuff. Then one Monday morning at school our world seemed to collapse, the greatest of footballers in our gang, the best looking girl catcher and also the most intelligent of us was called Mark, and tragically he died in his sleep having been attacked by some sort of meningitis of the brain, he was fine on the Friday at 4pm, but died in bed at 12 midnight at home peacefully. Me and my mates where heart broke, we attended the funeral, raised money over the years for his cause, and watched the downfall of his dad who drank himself to death, leaving his mum lonely and eventually, suicidal. they have all passed now and hopefully are together happy.

    Back to the title today would be Marks 21st birthday, who knows what would become of him but i know he would of been along side us on the nights out and the lads holidays we have had. Mark has missed so much, his 18th, the girlfriends and the laughs, but we have never forgotten him, so today we will crack open some cans, shead a tear and pour a few on his grave.

    It has been quite hurtfull writing this but one thing it has drove home is this, You just never know when your time is up, so im gunna do what i try and do, and enjoy every bit of my life, fingers crossed, my choice of career will be fruitfull and allow me to do what i have pledged, work hard, play hard and enjoy the life i have been given.

    Rest in Peace Mark, you are missed, but today is your 21st so cheers mate, have a good one up there with our other gone and not forgotten mates, Witty, Sharpey, Nathan, and your parents.


    "Now wheres them tissues you soft bastered".
  2. :eek:ccasion5: ..................
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  3. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer


    To absent friends, HL! You and your mates sound like a right bunch, in the best possible way =-)

    Now man up, stop sniffing and neck that pint you're having on Mark's behalf! ;-)
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  4. Respect to your sentiments mate but ain't sure pissing up in the cemetery is the way forward, unless you have real liberal minded local authorities.
    Do it in these parts and you meet the bills Maria and she's black.
  5. Drink to your oppo and thank whichever god you have that it wasn't you.
  6. We was a right bunch of trouble makers, now we are a little older, some are dead, some are locked up, some have disappeared and some of us are just doing life's routine. Guess that is life, meet, greet and say goodbye!!

    Haha well we weren't the only was having a few in there, its where the local piss heads, smack heads and peados go for there daily activities, when were not working that is ;-)

    aye that we did mate, that we did. cheers.
  7. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Honouring ones oppos is right and just. Fair play to you.

    However, reading the title of this thread, i thought you were going to tell everyone that you either;

    1. Had a massive shite that hurt.
    2. Caught your misses in bed with the local tramp.
    3. Got bummed for the first time.

    My money was on 3.
  8. :laughing2: :laughing2: :laughing2:

    Now that is why I put it in here,

    It wouldn't be for the first time though, I had an accident at a water park once. another story, another time.

  9. Thought I saw you earlier if only you were 10 years younger.
  10. So you was the nasty old man in the bushes offering sweeties, can't do nothing with the ten years thing, but make them sweets skittles and you might be in luck next time. ;-)
  11. Is that a promise hunny buns. - and cheers to your bud by the way.
  12. Blackrat

    Blackrat War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    Skittles? You can fuck right off.

    It's Haribo fizzy mix or nothing. It makes for an interesting blow job.
  13. Ageing_Gracefully

    Ageing_Gracefully War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    You missed out a bit Ratty so I fixed it for you :)
  14. Or space dust come to that.
  15. Haribo!! How very cloth cap.
  16. It is for you babe, see you next year mwah...cheers haha

    OK i will go fizzy mix, but you aint cumming in my mouth, its over my face or nothing.

  17. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    Oi, don't go spreading yourself around too much. Blackers will get jealous. :toothy3:
  18. I don't see Blackers being the jealous type, might smash me around abit for fun, but not jealousy. You on the other hand wooooo. ;-):laughing2:
  19. Magda

    Magda War Hero Book Reviewer

    I'd come out with the standard line of "You should be so lucky" or "In your dreams" but I imagine you would expect that, and that just isn't me, being predictable... ;-)

    So I shall remain aloof and untouchable as always, enigmatic to the last. A siren's smile... distant, alluring but cool and knowing. A conundrum... Ahem.

    Can you tell I've been drinking on an empty stomach?! I'll shut up now.

    :slow: :drunken:

  20. Nice intellectual words my love, quite saucy indeed. Drinking on an empty stomach have we, well here are my choice of words, You're the one dreaming of us baby, now lets make dreams come true, i shall pour any liquor of your choice down your nickers and lick up the excess drizzle, why you speak soft whispers in that foreign language you learnt at uni.

    Even if its German ;-) muahahaha

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