Team led by ex-RN officer set to break Transatlantic rowing record

Team Hallin, led by ex-Minewarfare & Clearance Diving Officer (MCDO) David Hosking MBE and sponsored by his old MCDO course-mate John Giddens (Founder & Chief Executive of Hallin Marine), is only a couple of days away from reaching Barbados and looks set to break the world record for rowing across the Atlantic. Competition with rival team Sara G remains fierce, as can be seen on the Ocean Rowing Society's website here, but both boats are on track to beat the record set by La Mondiale in 2007/8. The question is, which will achieve the fastest corrected time and thereby reign supreme?

Chart showing relative positions of Team Hallin (HM) and Sara G (SG)
compared to Le Mondiale (LM)'s notional position in 2008

Follow Team Hallin's progress on its blog here. It is raising funds for Combat Stress and donations can be made via its JustGiving webpage here.
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They've done it! Congratulations to ex-RN MCD officer David Hosking MBE, leader of Team Hallin, and fellow ex-RN MCDO John Giddens (Founder & Chief Executive of Hallin Marine, the team's sponsor) for breaking the transatlantic rowing record yesterday. Further details on their website here.

Team Hallin arriving in Port St Charles, Barbados

Team Hallin is still raising funds for Combat Stress and you can show your appreciation for their remarkable achievement by donating via their JustGiving webpage here.

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