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Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Jockroach, Sep 14, 2008.

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  1. I'm at work offshore trying to fix a bloody computer and the tghought occured to me of that twat in the RN recruiting ad who is on about sometimes he just switches the server off and on. this led me to this stae of wodermont. Do they teach valve theory any more?

    When I went to Collingwood in '66 it was Basic Electronics I and II. Then on to valve theory. Yes I know. It shows my age.

    Is it straight in to the ones and zero's now?

    Don't know if this question is breaking any rules and regs about security. Just idle curiosity and being pig sick of these poxy PC's, server and switches. There aint no fun in fixing them like I used to have with 640 Tx's and B40 Rx's.
  2. Ah do not fear Dr Slim is at hand, It seems that you are suffering from the lack of nearness to a Kinky Tetrode. Never mind perhaps you can take solace in the fact that transistorised equipment was so much better, until of course the dreaded integrated circuit reared it's ugly head. Sorry Jock was have now reached the situation of throw it away, it cannot be fixed! :w00t:
  3. Tell me about it Slim. Even the handportable radios offshore are faulted by a computer. If it aint the battery , antenna or fist mic then bucket it.
    I can remember well the CV4024, a double triode and the CV 4015 which I think was a tetrode. Certainly it used to be if there was a faulty whatever and a 4024 was in it, then it was usually just replace that and all would be probably well. If the 4015 was faulty it usually glowed blue.

    Ah me.............happy, happy days. There's no fun in hexy dexy.
  4. Did you manage to keep any as souvenires Jock!

    You will be able to retire if you have enough.

    -= CV4025 =-

    -= CV4015 =-

    Don't make a mess over your keyboard.
  5. Jockroach,

    Ever seen the test bed for a 1203? - Not only Jack-proof but also completely Tiff-proof.

    Series of Lights and a Roary Switch to switch to whatever test you want- Grenn light = Good
    Red " = U/S

    Only thing you couldn't do with it was check RF Power O/P
  6. I will buy you a Watt meter, for your Electigery? Katweezil :thumright: :w00t:
  7. 1203... I must admit to never hearing about it. So I have never seen the test bed.

    Is it a follow on from the wonderful 692 / 693 series? I used to love that equipment. The auto tuning selector doing the business. The coloured lamps and telling the REM to get the bloody thing fixed!


    Sorry about typing the link address in but really, I'm still nothing more than a Luddite.

    And just aproppo of nothing else, we have just a terrific visitor to the Platform. An Osprey or Sea Eagle if you prefer. It has obviously been blown off course on its route back to Africa for the winter. A really beautiful bird but really evil when seen up as close as we got. A wicked beak and beady eyes.

    It really did remind me of the last Jossman I saw at Cochrane!
  8. Jockroach,

    Dont know about the 692/3 - a bit before my time.

    As for your Linky, It's bringing back good memories! Doing the weekend warrior thing on an MSF, Shipping it in Green, And trying to fault a Fcuking 1203 with the Tester (Shown at the top of the Cab I think) whist trying to keep down the last Meal!

    Never had one go wrong on me though, but the Bridge Interface Units (2nd shelf down) were notorious for blowing their internal fuses, The result was that the Drivers didn't have the power to operate the Bridge wing Comms Points but when used in the MCO they were ok. Tokk me 2 days to figure that one out.

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