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Teaching children to think for themselves


War Hero
It is an excellent idea, but certainly not new!

The current "Balls" up that is our education system is based on the performance of the institution rather than the individual, teachers are threatening to boycott the SATs system because they rightly see it as a red herring. Establishing KPI's at Toyota; to ensure productivity matches improvement targets, is great and the technique has enabled plenty of consultants to move on and make big bucks by teaching the techniques in some quasi-eastern mystery language that seems more appropriate to ninja training than management. (but it works so we can forgive their attempt to make it sound cleverer than it actually is)

Unfortunately some buffoons thought they could apply similar techniques to our kids' education and rather than asking "what is it we really need to measure" they asked "what will be easy to measure" It is a classic example of p!ss poor thinking driven by corporate manufacturing stance and applied to a creative/ fluid environment. It has resulted in a dogged fascination with "production line" teaching and failed whole generation of kids, someone should be asking the questions "why measure?" and "what is it we actually call success in education?"

The private education sector's ability and flexibility to teach and develop kids according to their individual needs is exactly why I sent mine to public school and something I will certainly never regret. The school they went to measure success by what the kids achieve after education and to that aim the alumni organisation is still an important part of their lives, beats ticking lists: 11 GCSE's - tick, 10 GCSE's - tick.


Pupils will learn how to construct arguments, understand reasoning and also be taught the basics of the philosophy of knowledge

I agree Sgt pb, a lesson many on this and other forums could benefit from.
It seems to be a dying art:

Spot on chief t, but an idea too far for most of our modern politicians and educationalists.
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