Discussion in 'Miscellaneous' started by UncleAlbert, Apr 6, 2011.

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  1. An Englishman jumps into a taxi outside York St Station Belfast....
    "King Williams Close" he yells through the partition..
    Don`t you worry sir, says the driver, I`ll lose the fcuker at the next traffic lights
  2. We had a chief Tiff on my last ship who was famously prissy for telling stories of climbing down the barrels of battleships guns to clean them out.He was gung Ho Navy.
    One day,in Cardiff, resplendent in No 1's and medals he stood by a taxi rank ,a chap walked up and said "Taxi?" "Yes" says the Chief and they both climbed into the back seat!
    Bloke thought the uniform signified a taxi driver!
    Chief never lived that one down.
  3. HAHAHA hilorious!!!
  4. Bloke jumps into a taxi at Kings Cross Station.

    "Doctor Banardo's home."
    Taxi driver replies, "Didn't know he'd been away."

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