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Every week a bloke goes to the casino and always uses the same cab to get there and home again. When he wins, which he does a lot, he always give the cab driver a very good tip.

One week he loses all his money. He comes out and finds that it's chucking it down. His mood improves when he spots his regular driver. When he tells the cabby his problem, he refuses to take him. The gambler loses his temper and in front of all the other drivers on the rank tells the driver exactly what he thinks of him.

On his long wet walk home he thinks about getting his revenge.

Next week he watches from the Casino until his normal driver joins the cabs in the rank. He then goes to the first cab and pulling out a roll of notes makes an offer to the driver.

"I have had a great night, drive me home and give me a blow job and I will give you £50 quid" "P*** Off " said the driver. OK said the man I will find someone else to do it. He makes his way along the rank making the same offer to all the drivers and gets the same responce from them all. At last he reaches his normal driver. I,m sorry how I spoke to you last week. I have spoken to all your mates and told them I will give you this money if you forgive me and take me home. They have all said you should it. They drive slowly along the rank with the passnger waving the money out the widow shouting "He's taking the money." All the time the driver is smiling and nodding his head.

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