Taxes and votes

drunken_engineer said:
If you don't pay taxes, you should have the right to vote removed.
Would not be fair on the old duffers on R85s tax exemption. Have to include them for voting, otherwise i agree :thumright:


War Hero
Perhaps it would be better if those under the age of 60 who had never worked or contributed during the previous five years AND who are living entirely on benefits lost their right to vote.
Personally I am not working and have pensions ammounting to approx £10000 a year and STILL have to pay tax. Will do until the day I die. :pukel:
Surely DE the real question should be:

Should those too cynical to vote have to pay taxes? :w00t:

After all the Queen cannot vote and has opted to pay 10% income tax. Type 42,et al are all Queens yet we haven't been given the option to pay only 10% income tax! It ain't fair! Waaaaaaaaaaaaa! :threaten:
No she should not. It was a sweeping question. If you work, no problem. It was aimed at career doleys and there heavily pregnant teenage off-spring.
Of course it's not fair. Life isn't. Deal with it. If you're too cynical to vote that's your look out. Taxes are essential but must be fair, transparent and we must get value for money.
Hope that clears a few things up.

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