Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by Permissionopenmuzzledoor, Jul 25, 2007.

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  1. OK, after many years of not doing anything about it, this year I am going to claim for my duty trips promise lol. Has anyone ever done it?, all I know that it is called MAR (Mileage Allowance Relief) by the Tax office, and for your own cars when used in duty trips. The Navy give us 23p ish a mile, but we can get relief for up to 40p a mile, so basically double ya money.
    OK so off you go to the tax website and that is where I get lost........ what is the form that I need to send off, I know i must be blind but it does not jump out at me.
    Has anyone completed one of these forms?

    I have kept all receipts and monies paid to me by the mob. It is only about 2000 miles this year, but I anticipate 4000 next year.

    Any help, Any form number

  2. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    Its done each year on your annual tax return form - on the relevant "Employment" page(s), there's a section where you can claim for expenses incurred by you in the course of your employment. In this box, you put the difference between what you the HMRC allow to be paid and the actual amount that you've been paid.
  3. Just remember about your vehicle insurance is covered for "business" use!

    You may also be able to offset this with the tax man too! :tp:

    If not, you maybe shouldn't be using your own vehicle for "Duty travel".

    Always get MT to give you a hire car,,,, if pusser wants you to travel, they should provide!
  4. Although I knew about the Duty Travel this allowance also applies to temporary places of work (less than 24 months). So if you are on a temporary draft, loan, etc you can also claim at the end of the year. My understanding is that the difference between the 2 rates is used to reduce your taxable income, very useful if you are just in the high rate tax band. I have been going through the process of claiming back to 00-01 for the last 19 months!! I have just sent the 5th different set of paper work and hopefully this will be it (I wonder how long I can hold my breath).
    For 2K miles paid at 23p per mile by pusser you would get tax relief of around £340; in the 22% tax band (?) this is £75 in your pocket, ((2000 x 0.40) - (2000 x 0.23) =340) x 0.22 = £75), for around 20 mins work.
    Flags is correct though it should be done every year on a self assessment tax form. Done like this (as I have done for 05-06) it a piece of wee wee. All the info is available on the HMR&C website.
  5. Concur, I was doing this 10 yrs ago as I was leaving the darkblu, but it had to be submitted for each tax yr. If you've got snags write to the Tax Man with your details and he will probably work it out for you - it's definitely worth it if you're building up the miles
  6. Being self employed I have had the joys of both paper and online version of the Tax Return.

    Paper version, look at it, throw it to the back of the drawer. 2 months later get it out again, still confused throw it back in the drawer. Panic cos you dont know what to do with it.

    Online version, fill in a couple of questions and push the button. Job Done.

    You may need to contact HMRC for a username and password, quick e-mail with your NI number on it should do it.
  7. FlagWagger

    FlagWagger Book Reviewer

    But only available as long as your tax situation is relatively straight-forward (i.e. not living in Canada!). Just had to file last years tax-return in dead-tree variant which had 4 x employment forms (RNR, previous UK job, current Canada-based-UK-paid job, plus a small allowance from my local council), interest from a couple of UK bank accounts all made muddier than necessary by my abode here in Canada. Why can't tax be easy?????

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