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Hi guys, im writing on behalf of my royal hubby.Hope you dont mind:

Anyway my hubby is originally from the channel islands, and had a duff nino number, so had to get a new one. This means he has been on an emergancy tax code (as stated on his payslips) for 3 years therefore has been paying would you believe it....double tax!

So we are trying to get this do we go about claiming it back?
we were told we would need as many of his payslips as possible and his p60 which we cant get hold of until april....but i know marines who have had the same problem and done it without a p60...but being stupid and cant remember how they did.

Also how do we sort out him still getting taxed the stupid amount, but the clerk on ca,ps a bit of a knobber to be honest so try not to spend to much time talking to him....

Can anyone help?


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Your other half is best off contacting his tax office direct, I wouldn't worry about the P60 etc in the first instance as they will have his full pay details and will be aware that he has been on BR code for several years, they will then tell him what he needs to do, in all honesty they are pretty good or at least have been to me. I'm pretty sure that JPA or service clerks aren't able to (or qualified to) deal with tax nowadays they merely apply the code that HM Revenue & Customs supply them with. Contact detail below:

Inland Revenue Contact Details said:
The Inland Revenue have re-organised, and it is often quicker to write the the undermentioned address than to telephone. You will always need your National Insurnace Number, Tax Reference and Service Number when communicating with the Inland Revenue.

Serving members of the Royal Navy, Army and Royal Air Force if you have any enquires about your tax why not contact your Tax office at:

HMIT Public Department 2(MU1)
Ty Glas
Cardif, CF14 5YD

You have a DIRECT LINE for the "Contact Centre":

Tel: 0845 3003949

Main Switchboard: 0845 3003949

Fax: 029 20 325957

When calling or writing please quote:

Your PAYE reference and National Insurance Number OR Your Self assessment Reference.

Not sure all of the details are up to date but the telephone number certainly works I used it last week.
hey guys thanks. we did contact them direct but to no luck as his ni number was wrong and they cant track him from his old dud one. im nipping out but will have a look when i get back and let you know :)
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