tax free deployments ?

Discussion in 'The Fleet' started by sabata, Jan 12, 2008.

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  1. when going on long deployments, say 6 months or more, can i claim my tax back cos i would be spending more than 6 months of the year not living in britain?

    in my view, serving personnel shouldn't have to pay taxes anyway, but that ain't ever gonna happen :angry7:
  2. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    HA HA, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Not likely sunshine, if only.
  3. If it's any help, when I was in the Far East 59/60, the Single Man's Allowance took on a whole new meaning.

  4. you mean while i'm digging out in the gulf somewhere, i can take comfort in that i'm still paying for some teenage single mother/immigrant/generic jeremey kyle guest

    yay! :w00t:
  5. Thought there was something passed last year about if you're serving in Iraq/Afghanistan then you got something back? I do know of 1 person who whilst serving on a ship floating around the falklands in 00 for more than 6 months got a tax rebate. Not sure how he did it though.
  6. I'm sorry, but [​IMG]
  7. The forces shouldnt pay tax as soon as they get out of our waters.
  8. i think the 'warzone' pay, which comes into effect when you spend 6 or more months straight in a hot area (iraq/iran/rowner estate), is an allowance equivilant to a junior rank's tax.

    not fantastic, but at least its something positive from the government
  9. OK look, have you ever heard that one of Her Maj's messengers of Death are, in fact, British Soil no matter where you are in ze vorld.
    This is why Ronnie never came onboard when ships were in Rio de clacker :)
  10. You dont get charged VAT but tax :laughing5: :laughing5: :laughing5: :laughing5:
  11. would civvies be able to claim tax back if they were working abroad for most of the year?
  12. chieftiff

    chieftiff War Hero Moderator

    I can see where this is going! Yes it sucks, one rule for one, one for another, unfortunately you gave up many of the rights which civilians take for granted, they don't understand this and to be honest neither do many servicemen. Because you gave up those rights you get something called the X factor (X factor takes loads of things into consideration like occasionally getting shot at, being away from home for extended periods etc it doesn't compensate anywhere near enough and this has been recognised by the AFPRB in last years report, absolutely nothing will be done about that this year)

    If you want to earn a wedge offshore work or such might be a better option, and you don't necessarily need to pay any tax at all!
  13. Don't the RFA get tax breaks?
  14. And British merchant seamen don't pay tax on what they earn whilst outside british territorial waters (I think there is a time constraint on this), including those on RFAs, so it is possible that someone attached to, say Dili, could have successfully claimed their tax back.
  15. and I had 2 and a half years in Norfolk VA, working alongside British Civilians.

    Difference? They could claim there tax back, I couldnt.

    Did I return to UK in 2 and a half years? No, saw it 4 times while flying to Belguim but didnt touch it.
  16. The tax law for civvies at sea is 183 days out of U.k. in one tax year with two foreign port calls. .You pay your tax up front then put in your days out of the U.k.and get a 100% pay back from the tax man this is also cumulative Ie if you have 250 days out of the U.K. you can take that on to the next year.Not right but that's life out of a blue suit.This applies to the north sea IE. dive support vessels and service ships.But not divers or dive supervisors only those registered as marine crew.
  17. No wonder so many of you blokes are changing over to the RAN. We have a special tax zone for deployments which means lower tax on your basic salary and zero tax on certain allowances. Not a bad deal.
  18. hmm, kinda unfair, but i guess that is what is expected these days.

    like when the government is pushing for under 2% pay rises for public sector workers, then all the politicians vote on their own payrises, and funny enough, much higher than 2%

    i'm a cynical bastard :angry4:

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