Tax Codes?

Just wondering if anyone has any idea what I can expect my tax code to be as an officer cadet? Cheers.
Should anyone come forward with a tax code you should not assume that the same will apply yourself. Many will have different circumstances with regards taxable income added to which HMRC move in mysterious ways.
Yeah of course, however a general idea would be helpful for working out finances. Either way I will just go off what I will earn getting taxed on the full lot. Thanks for replying.

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It should be 1000L. However, if this will be the second job you've undertaken in the current tax year (Apr - Apr), then you may well see that change.

Your best bet is to call HMRC on 0345 300 3900.
I wasn't sure if there would be any benefits you got that would reduce the tax threshold. But thanks for your help. Going off it being all taxed I've worked out finances so any extra will just be a bonus. Thanks again.

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