Tax back?

Righto. Here's me, about to have my initial interview for a seaman apprentice role.
Been researching a little, and have been reading about the possibility of getting your tax back if you spend more than six months a year at sea.
Finding it difficult to find any indication about how likely I am to be able to claim my tax back. Apparently there are loads of hoops to jump through.

Are you guys getting your tax back?


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Crown employees( as in RN) don't get it

Guidance there is incorrect, RFA are crown employees and are eligible for SED. (prior to it being made official in the budget, HMRC had ruled we could claim years ago).

However to answer the question how likely are you to qualify? well if you want it, you will have to chase it, ie be willing to be flexible and spend money to be out of the country and not just rely on your appointment to specific ships. Saying that some guys have been getting it year on year for the last 10 years, me I spend far too long at home and havent qualified for it in the last 8 years.

In short its a bit hit and miss .. dont rely on it, just take it as a nice suprise if you can get it


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Apparently there are loads of hoops to jump through

Pays to get professional advice whilst you are still working out the system. There are plenty of specialist Tax companies that specialise in organising your SED claim, most will also have a look into seeing what else you can claim as well. Seatax and SK tax seem to be names that pop are regularly in conversations around the bar.


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The subject has been done to death. Has the OP used the site search engine?

The tax concession was recently made statutory. Until then it was a MOD/HMRC ‘arrangement’ .