Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by caldee22, Oct 24, 2014.

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  1. This has been done a million and one times i know, however i think each case is different. Im 18 next month and want a tattoo, nothing offensive and wont be seen while in uniform. i also have my joining date for april was just wondering weather it would be ok. Ill probably check with my local AFCO as well just to be sure.
  2. Where abouts? Id check if i were you just to be safe, and although its very unlikely you have to consider that it might go gross and not heal properly which can impinge on your entry date. If you do get it though dont listen to everyone, it doesn't hurt that much! Just take some sweets so you dont pass out :eek:
  3. yeh i'll check first, it would just be around my bicep, tricep and shoulder area so upper arm. yeh thats a big worry :/ and the pain doesn't bother me ahaha
  4. Yes we have done it a million times over the last however many years I have been on this site, and the rules are still the same. Each case is not different. Ask yourself exactly WHY you want a tattoo though before you have it done. I know why I got mine done, but each person's motivation is different. From the Careers page:

    "Most tattoos or piercings are not a problem when it comes to joining the Royal Navy. But if tattoos are offensive, obscene or excessive in size or number you won’t be allowed in – or back in to the Royal Navy.

    If your tattoos are visible in parade uniform they won’t be acceptable. This means any tattoos on your head, neck and hands. When you apply to join you’ll need to fill in a form describing your tattoos and their locations and show them to us during you medical examination."
  5. What is this current fascination with testing the boundaries regarding tattoos? It is like little children gradually moving towards the sweeties until they get the smack on the hand that finally confirms the "NO!".

    If you want in the Andrew and you aren't sure if it transgresses, then don't do it. Period.
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  6. HMS Vernon used to have a searchlight tattoo, and that was officially approved. Perhaps the OP could ask his tattoo artist for one of those?
  7. I would speak to the careers office, the army has recently changed its policy on tattoos and at work people have said this has been adopted tri service and a lot of people on here very possibly could be giving duff information. As I say check with the careers office first but potentially the rules have been relaxed to an extent.
  8. Why don't you wait until you are in the Navy and then you can get the info from the horses mouth - they'll be a whole host of people within touching distance to get - hopefully correct - info from then

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