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  1. Hi all,

    Filled the form that says i have no tattoos but im considering getting on would i have to tell my career adviser before my medical?

  2. Don't, wait until you are in and have progressed past phase two training then think very seriously about it. There have been cases when an AFCO have signed off on a tattoo only for the candidate to reach Raleigh and be refused entry as it is in contravention of BR3
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  3. So it wouldn't be a wise move ?
  4. Speak to your AFCO first and foremost. I have quite a few tattoos but they have no names, flags, emblems, football or other sport affiliations attached to them and can easily be covered by all levels of military dress code. They cannot cause offence in any way. So if you can meet all that you won't have a problem but ask first before doing it!!
  5. Dixie Dean would be laughing in his grave at this thread !!! payday was so much fun with having him on board, when we cleared lower deck for pay!! Up he strode to the paymaster with his left hand palm open, and right hand salute. With Ta and Foxtrot Oscar tattooed on each hand ^^
  6. [​IMG]
  7. I have a scroll on my left shoulder with Cindy written in it.
    The scroll goes through a heart.
    Around the heart is the legend, "I love you my darling wife."
    The tattoo being the work of Johnny Gurkha and finished by Pinkie has never gone thick or blurred.
    My Wife's name is not Cindy I divorced her 30 years ago.
  8. Tattoos are for winners, get loads, that is all.

    ( No tribal though, as stated tribal is for twats.)

  9. If you join up and decide to transfer to the Military Police (RN), they'll love you, especially for undercover work. This is Lt Cdr Biffin McSweeney RN - the current OIC of the S.I.B. (W) - Fleet HQ Portsmouth. If he doesn't have a problem with it then I suppose it's okay to go for it big style:-

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  10. Real sailors have an earing and an eye patch.
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  11. Real sailors have a wooden leg and a hook for a hand, Abu Hamza is really an undercover 3 badge scribes investigating how the civvy legal system can be used by jack to dodge deployments and keep out of DQ's (Colchester for the youngsters).
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  12. Went to Johnny Gurkhas for a tat, unfortunately we had bumped into some pongos who challenged us to a boat race, we suggested whisky instead of beer and I was that pissed the only position I could assume was horizontal, so my bod remains tat free, I am now thinking of righting that wrong and watch this thread for ideas, can you tattoo parchment?
  13. What's the 18th letter of the sailors alphabet.
  14. I once had a tat go septic on me.
    I came out of a bar in Washington at a time before American police series were popular on British television.
    Some bastard had just robbed the local liquor store and ran in the crowded bar I was leaving.
    There were coppers all over the show pointing guns. As I walked out I was grabbed and slung up the side of a car.
    All the time this frenzied little fuckin septic copper is shouting "assume the position". I always assumed that meant something to do with shagging so remained where I was, not wanting to be trollied.
    So he starts throwing me about and hitting me on my new tat with a fuckin gun. Fucked him off when I threw up all over his arm.
    Ho fuckin Har.
  15. I had a similar episode in singers once but that little chogi ****** had us in stiches he was screaming
    Assume the position in chogi which sounded more like aslume de posishun.
  16. You really are a ******* liability on a run ashore Rummers, I bet you've even got stickers on your zimmer frame haven't you?

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