The search facility on this site works wonders, if you can be bothered to type the word 'tattoos' into the search box, you'll find a fine selection of threads relating to the topic!
The tattoo is prob within the rules, but the piercing isn't. Not that I've ever heard of anyone checking for intimate piercings.


I have one on my forearm saying "too fast to live too young to die" yea I know it was a good idea at the time. And one in my leg my DOB on roman numerals. Just incase I forget lol. Will these be acceptable
Thy saw it 3 yet ago when I first applied and I filled in the form marking them out on the diagram and a description of what they are.y date for Raleigh is 22nd July just scared that I'm going to hand my notice in at work then get discharged for something stupid like a tat
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