BR3 Chapter 0512 states:

a. Individuals applying for entry into the Naval Service are to be rejected if they have any tattoo, whether visible or not, which is obscene or offensive (e.g racist, antireligious, crude . . . . etc etc

b. Tattoos which are visible in "parade" uniform e.g. on the face, neck, ears, hands and wrists are not permitted and are a bar to entry. Advice is to be sought from CNR in cases of doubt.

c. When rejecting candidates it must be explained that the Naval Service, as a disciplined service, requires an individual's bearing to be neat, discreet and have a restrained personal appearance when in uniform. On no account are Careers Staff to advise candidates to have tattoos removed.
In other words, you really need to seek advice from the AFCO, then decide what you want to do.
i have 3 rows of writing on my left wrist and aslong as it can be covered by wearing a long sleeve ie jacket/shirt for parades then its fine according to my AFCO
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