Yes I do have a Tattoo Studio in Cyprus but before everyone starts screaming, I'm not here to advertise this time.
I'm looking for stories and pictures about tattoo's that some of you might want to share for use in a TV programme thats being planned for next year.
Anything interesting or funny would be appreciated.....sarcastic and salacious comments are not required...Ive heard them all before.
What about a squirel on your inner thigh reaching up towards your nuts?
What about just above your penis having "Choking hazzard" wrote?

I find then different and funny.

I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. I want something completely different on my arm with nothing in mind. Any suggestions?

Pool-Champ said:

....I'm thinking of getting a tattoo. I want something completely different on my arm with nothing in mind. Any suggestions?

If you are even thinking about it you have proved yourself worthy of your very own words:

Your tattoo should just say 'Nothing In Mind'.
I once was going to have "Death before dishonour" tattooed on my arm, then I thought, Fcuk it dishonour ain't that bad.
So I settled for "Cindy".
Pity I divorced her and married a Karen. :oops: :roll:
Once heard of a Stoker, back in the 60's,
who had a large 'W' tattooed on each cheek of his Butt.

Every time he bent over, it spelt 'WOW'.

There's no copyright, so feel free.

I had my then girlfriends initials tattooed on my arm at the age of 16. Seemed sensible at the time. I have recently had it covered and it looks even worse. Moral of the story? Dont cheat on your girlfriend with your mates sister. And dont trust a tattoo artist with a hunchback.
i got what was supposed to be a winged serpent with a red sun in the background it was shit and the tattooist was a bit drunk.
I got so much shit for having a fruitbat on my chest what was worse a couple of month later a MEO joined the boat and his nickname was fruitbat.
the abuse increased 10 fold.
Hi all.
I put tattoos for the evening of Christmas. This year I am planning to put tattoos of spider man as all my friends and my little brother love spider man.
Had a Wafu on Albion in the 60s (one Dixie Dean) with so many tattoos, of those that I recall were:
a. a fox and hounds down his back to his backside,
b. hinges on his elbows,
c. a dotted line around his neck with 'Cut here',
d. a pair of hands coming from his navel with 'help' written above,
e. and also a row of footprints going to his navel, with (yep! you guessed it) ... 'Navel patrol',
f. and one other, a red GCB on his arm with 'try to take this' or words to that effect.

Also knew a Scribbler with eyes on his butt cheeks, in the 70s, think he had 'I'm watching you' - but he was more infamous for partaking in a live session in Sweden, after quite a few bevies and the full support of his messmates !!

Not a yarn. I watched him get them done by a tattooist at the funfare in Southsea in 1962. Pretty crazy I thought at the time. He also had the insides of his lips done. Love and hate I think.
I had eyes done on the bottoms of my feet in Copenhagen 62/63. They eventually wore off. Pity the others didn't :)
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