Discussion in 'Health & Fitness' started by PERCY09, Aug 5, 2009.

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  1. I wasnt too sure which section this question should be in so apoligies if it is in the wrong section.

    Has anyone had any problems with tattoos or know anyone who has?

    I have 1 on my leg 2 on my right forearm & 1 on my left

    I have been receiving tattoo treatment on two on the forearms but was considering having a cover up on the leg

    The main reason is a small minority may find them offensive :roll:

    None of them will be seen while in uniform but just thought id ask
  2. Depends what you mean by "offensive" before you can get a definitive reply to that. What have you had done?
  3. Seen the tatoo. says I'd rather be a steward than a submariner :D :D :D
  4. I live in Northern Ireland therefore I have tattoos relating to that. Basically they consist of Union Jacks etc. I know that this will not be offensive to 99% of people but there may be a few, particularly anyone from the Republic of Ireland & possibly some people in Scotland.

    Many will see them as religious emblems however the only consist of British flags etc.
  5. Can't see the problem your joining the RN. Not the Irish navy, the Scots flag is incorporated in the Union Jack and in Scotland it's too bloody cold to take off ones trousers or wear shorts. Don't subscribe to being so PC. Would however recommend the tatoo. "I'd rather be a steward than a submariner" :wink: :wink:
  6. And on the other arm "Trelawney is a t1t" :wink:

    Edited to add there is a thread on here about tattoos that the resident crusher SPB gave out what is and isn't allowed. Think you'll find yours are OK
  7. i am a celtic a fan and i know were ur coming from on the offense part but its more 99.99% that would be offended i woudnt batter a eyelid at a tattoo of a union flag as i am british not irish.
  8. Understood mate but its just the recruiting team may or may not refuse just incase someone might be offended. you know hoe PC the UK is going now

    By the way to previous post im pretty sure people from the R.O.I. can join the British Forces.....They fought in the 1st & 2nd World Wars anyway...
  9. Aint had a problem with my tattoo's and my right and left arms are covered to the elbows :)
  10. Without you posting a picture of your tats it's difficult to give a considered opinion, but from what you've said it's unlikely that they will be a problem. There are plenty of people in the mob with British, Scottish and Ulster flag tatoos. It would be difficult to get offended by the Union Flag when we stick the fcuker up on the pointy bit every morning.
  11. If a 'small minority find them offensive' it suggests to me that there must be something offensive about them, so why are you wittering on about this wonderful 'PC' that so many like to get angry about?

    You clearly feel that you have nasty sectarian crap on your arms, but I doubt that will be a bar to entry.
  12. Yeah right :roll: please dont comment on my threads again unless your comments are informative
  13. Percy, saying things like that will just see you getting ripped into. Consider that an informative comment.
  14. Percy09

    If you are genuinely interested in joining the RN, may I suggest that you get in touch with the CAs in Northern Ireland? I'm sure that they will be best placed to advise; if you are concerned about these tattoos, you could show them to them before going further with the application process. Give them a call.

    Details here:
  15. me neither - battered eyelids are foul :D :D :D
  16. Many years ago whilst serving with FSU01 in Rosyth we had a young Irish lad who had the Red Hand of Ulster, with the words 'No Surrender' on his arm, which obviously did not stop him joining the RN. However, it did get him into some scrapes whilst ashore in some pubs with it clearly visible to the 'other' side so to speak.
  17. well done very funny. :thumbleft:
  18. Seadog

    Seadog War Hero Moderator

    Tats used to be the preserve of matelots, booties, pongos and outlaw bikers. Now very bastard has them; stars on the neck, what's that all about? Your Maori and Celtic whole arm tats will look like some skin disease in thirty years.

    Replacing lions and eagles as the 'animal' tat of choice is...............the big goldfish. Must be some subliminal message there.

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