Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by bigmama, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. Hi, I am new to this forum and unfortunately, I'm too old to join the navy but my son is applying this year. I was wondering what the situation is with new recruits having a tattoo. Is having a tattoo going to lower chances of being accepted? Hopefully, you don't think this is a stupid question and I'll probably have many more before the week is out!
  2. Hi bigmama, the only stupid question is the one you don't ask! :wink:

    It depends what the tattoo is, and where it is.

    It's normally not an issue, as long as it isn't offensive, such as "Love" and "Hate" on the knuckles, or "ACAB" on the forehead, or a spider's web on the neck.

    Rule of thumb is that it shouldn't really be visible when wearing a long sleeved shirt, but the Careers Office should be able to advise you.
  3. I agree with TD. Unless the tat is offensive or completely in your face it is unlikely to affect his chances of selection. It isn't even a bar to becoming an officer later on down the line if he decides to go that way.

  4. I am currently going through the recruitment process.(I am now awaiting my security clearance.) I have 8 tattoos, none offensive. My understanding is that you are not allowed any on your neck face or hands. I have one on a lower forearm but not even a raised eyebrow (It cannot be seen past the cuff of a shirt.)

    I agree with the others as long as it is non offensive and can be hidden by normal clothing, should not be a problem.

    The AFCO will be able to have better advice as they can have a look at the tattoo, and on my medical they just noted them as distinguishing marks
  5. I know of a steward who admitted to having had his willie tattoed as a snake head after a 2-day runashore in Amsterdam, but he couldn't remember much about it!*?
  6. But he was already in the mob!!!!!
  7. Yeah, you might want to wait until you've got through basic training before having 'F*** OFF' tattooed on the edge of your right hand. :wink:
  8. I take it the snake only had one eye?
  9. Thanks for all the info and answers to my question, it makes me feel much better to realise that his dream won't be shattered because of a tattoo. Much appreciated folks. :)
  10. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    I'd concur with advice given above. Funnily enough nowadays it's generally females that have tattoos rather than blerks. Any visible "home-made" (self-inflicted) tattoos tend to be frowned upon. Not sure whether it's an urban myth but I've heard said that tattoos preclude special forces selection as they can be a means of identification, but unless the 'tat' reads "I'm in the SAS" I'm dubious of this. As long as it's spelt correctly & is not provocative then he should be OK. Top tip: Stop getting tattoos for the moment or you won't pass medical (Hepatitus risk)
  11. Nearly everyone in the forces has got several tats. Usually a gash tat and a good tat.

    Even know people that got tats done once theyd joined up.

    They're not an issue as long as they can be covered up.

    I never got a tat, was going to, but was too scared!!!!!!!!
  12. As stated before Tats are not an issue as long as they're not on your head, face, neck, hands etc.

    I have seen some of the finest and worst examples of bodyart in the Mob.

    I myself am currently (2 sessions in) having lazer treatment to remove a gash tat I had done on my first run ashore in pompey 16 years ago. For a £12 v gash tat, it is costing me around £1000 to have it removed!!
  13. You're not a true matelot until you've had at least one gash tat done.
  14. ?? :?
  15. hey ive got a tattoo on my upper right arm n they just looked at it, asked me what it symbolised if it was anyhting racist or anything like that n that was it, so yeah like some other have said just wear it is and what it symbolises really affects application!!! hope this helps
  16. saying nothing
  17. My mate worked in Dundee careers office in the 80's, so this is his dit. One day this young lad walked in with "F*ck off and die" tattoed on his forehead. My mate nearly heart failure so he whipped round the back to consult the Chief. Fair play, the CPO said that they had to give everybody a go so my mate was instructed to put him through the tests and explain his options. They mark the lads tests and he did ok. So the Chief comes round and has a chat with the young lad. Turns out that he's ideally suited to being a Steward and the lads not averse to the idea.
    So, and heres the clever bit, the Chief explains that as a steward he may have to do silver service on tables with VIP's or even on the Yacht. He explained that maybe the Queen Mother might not like being served by a young lad with "F*ck Off and Die" tattooed on his bonce. So as a way round it, as you can't wear a bandana in rig, was to have "Please Don't" tattooed in above the offending tat. "Sod that" said our would be steward, "This hurt like hell when I had it done, I'm not having another. I'm off!" And off out the door he trundles.
    Job Done.

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