Discussion in 'The Quarterdeck' started by harryaitch, Sep 3, 2006.

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  1. Have you got tats?. Although I went to tattoo parlours with mates whilst in the far East I did not get tattooed.It was the thing to do as a sailor,and many tats were pieces of art.One large crew member in the flight deck party of the Eagle had a full hunting scene on his back,with the fox disappearing up his rear end.I dont know if the modern naval person is in to tattoos,mabe the ladies indulge.(in tats that is) 8)
  2. Yes I have a tattoo. Didn't get it done when I was in, was too scared. I went a few times (slightly inebriated) to have one done but always bottled out.
  3. I don't have any. Never saw the need nor the point.
    It's become a craze here in the states. Everybody from accountants to soccer moms are getting inked up. They claim it's an expression of individuality.
    Which begs the question: How can you possibly express individuality by doing the same thing everyone else is doing?

    Nothing against the practice, mind you. It's just not my thing.
  4. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    I think the right Tat can look very nice on a firm, young female, its the thought of what they'll look like a 60 that makes me shudder
  5. I have 5 of them and they can all be hidden when at work.I know now if you smell of drink they will not ink you, likewise they will not do you if you walk in of the street. Well the one my friend runs wont do it.
    I did ask her once when she was doing my last tatt where the most painful place to have one done was, she answered quick as a flash Bournemouth
  6. I will admit to 2! One as a celebtration of my divorce and another some 6 years later on my engagement to the PO Stoker!
  7. ALWAYS HAVE TO WEAR long sleeved shirts now >>> THEY ARE HORRIBLE ???
  8. I have 21 all hidden,done in singapore, hong kong, japan,1 in leiceister when i joined up, if you want advice dont have any writing,it becomes un readable with age
  9. I have two,one on each forearm, one done in Singapore, the other in Bombay. I`ve seen that tat of the hunt on a couple of blokes at sea, but the queerest one I saw on a ship-mate was 27 (yes 27) girls names tattooed
    on his member, looked like battle scars :)
  10. Knew a matelot on the Clarbeston in the 60s , who had a blue line, with the caption HM SHIPS ONLY tattoed on his chopper .
  11. I don't have any, never been tempted, knew a guy when I was out in NI who had the famous picture of the last supper on the small of his back, and a full on crucified Jesus across his shoulders and down his back, needless to say he was catholic!
  12. Sooner buy a T shirt that way you can have a change when you like. I did fancy the blood group on my shoulder though. But never did.

    I was once asked why no tattoos I replied "Not hard enough" Like BOOTNECK YANK stated it is an individual thing if so why does everybody want one. Street cred crap thing I would say.

    One girl I know had her tongue pierced stated it was a talking point in the clubs at night. If I needed a stud in my tongue to get chatting I would show my butt in the butchers shop window I can tell thee
  13. I haven't got any myself, but I recall a large black Yank matelot in the China Fleet Club proudly displaying one he'd just had done.

    A red heart on his bell end.

    He was still wiping the tears away.
  14. I have 10 , all done by Doc Price down in Union Street , in the 70s , and they have all kept there colour , but can all be hidden when required , seems more ladies than men get them now , never regretted getting them but not sure if I'd get one now , :lol:
  15. slightly off topic, but I went to a club before I was radiated and a women in there was using the fact she had a contraception implant just under her skin as a chat up line
  16. I have one on my chopper it says


    when hard it says

  17. Saves getting a maintenance bill in 9 months time :twisted:
  18. I guess but could chat about the weather like normal people!
  19. Agree Womps , but you don't get maintenance bills for the state of the weather , :eek:
  20. I have the word 'SUCOS' on me tadger.

    When it gets a lob on, it reads...

    supercalifragilisticexpialidocious :) ;-)

    I'll get me coat. In fact, I must be one of the few ex-sailors who has no tattoos at all.

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