Tattoos on Women


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24 years in the mob and never had one - used to think to myself 'he will look a proper tit when he is after a job/60+ - especially those with a dotted line around the throat and 'cut here' bloody great wings on the thumb webbing etc

Now more women are getting them - it looks even worse - I have yet to see how a tattoo enhances a womens' looks - what do you think

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she has tats, wow I never noticed, I'll have to be more observant


There is a 19 year old a couple of doors down from me that has not long had a delicate butterfly done on her back between her shoulder blades. Could not help thinking that by the time she is her mother's age/size it will look more like the angel of the north!!!


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I'll be the voice in the wilderness, just for a change. As long as they are done well, then I think women look even better with ink. The tattoos I had when I was 18 I've either had refreshed or covered over with new ink. I'm booked in for more ink at the end of October. I like the way they look and I like the feeling of being tattooed.
PS. I couldn't give a toss whether you like it or not. It's my body and I shall do what I want with it. I have piercings too, just to set all you PSOFs' pacemakers off.
My eldest daughters school friend (15) is already talking about how she is going to be covered in them once she's 18 and is working at a Tattoo shop on Saturday's and a few nights after school. The worst thing is her chav mum is encouraging it.

Not for me, I went to the Arches in Pompey with my mate who has already had a few done and saw the pain in his face....never bothered.


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My father spent 40 years at sea and never did. I did 20 in the RNR and never did, either. Each to his own.

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