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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by fishface, Jul 18, 2010.

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  1. fishface

    fishface Badgeman Book Reviewer

    Alright guys

    Firstly sorry if this has been asked before I did try searching for it but couldn't find anything.

    Just a couple of things;

    I've had my application accepted and am just waiting for security clearence and a start date. When I filled my application I had no tattoos but I'm thinking of getting one now. Do I need to inform my AFCO and get a new proforma to fill in or can I just leave it?

    Also is it true that officers can't have any visible tatt's including when short sleave working rig and the like?

    Cheers Lads
  2. The rules are for everyone, officers and ratings. Tattoos which extend beyond the collar onto the neck, or beyond the cuff, or indeed are on the face, head or hand would be a bar to entry. It is also forbidden to those serving to get tattoos of this sort. Also banned are 'offensive' tattoos (the criteria for 'offensive' being decided upon by your recruiting officer for potential recruits, and your CO for those serving). Tattoos on the fore-arm which are not normally visible are acceptable, but you may be ordered to cover it up in certain circumstances (eg a tat of a naked woman when you are QM in an Arab country).
  3. janner

    janner War Hero Book Reviewer

    By typing Tattoo in the RR search box I came up with this

    Best advice, leave the tattoo's until you get out of training
  4. fishface

    fishface Badgeman Book Reviewer

    ooops, i knew somthing would be on there, not sure how I didnt find it :dontknow:

    cheers guys, tbh filling in another tattoo proforma seemed like a whole load of effort when i can just wait
  5. If you consider filling in a tattoo proforma a load of effort then you are going to struggle with passing basic training
  6. BRd 81


    Body Art (Tattoos):

    (1) Tattoos which are visible when No1 uniform is being worn, whether because they extend beyond the collar or cuff, or because they are being worn on the face, neck or hands, are not acceptable, are contrary to current regulations and must not be acquired. Officer and Senior Rate tropical No1 uniform do expose forearms and lower upper arms. Regulations permit the exposure of tattoos in these areas, provided they conform to the rules governing all tattoos wherever they may be.

    (2) Tattoos are not acceptable if they are judged by the Commanding Officer, or at the recruiting stage the Recruiting Officer, prior to enlistment into the Naval Service, reasonably likely to:

    (a) Undermine the authority or dignity of the Service or bring discredit to the Service.

    (b) Offend others or invite provocation, for example because they are obscene, lewd, crude, or intimidating or are in any way offensive to members of any minority group.

    (c) Affect the employability of the wearer, for example by making it unacceptable for that person to parade or stand guard in public, or, depending on Branch/Specialisation and career profile, to engage on special operations.

    In addition, visible tattoos must not be garish or numerous or particularly prominent (which will depend on its size and location). Commanding Officers may order personnel with tattoos, which contravene the provisions above, but are not visible in No1 uniform, to cover them up.

    (3) Serving personnel who presently have tattoos, which contravene the regulations will be dealt with on a case by case basis by the chain of command who will make a judgement based on when the tattoo was acquired and under what circumstances. Personnel acquiring tattoos that contravene the Service policy set out at sub para (2), will be invited to have their tattoos removed at their own expense. Acquisition of tattoos in contravention of the regulations and policy will result in disciplinary action and subsequent failure to remove tattoos is most likely to result in administrative discharge SHORE after an appropriate period on warning.
  7. But JC put it much more concisely.
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  12. Thanks, and good to see you are behaving appropriately in the Newbies forum now, having had your card marked by PT this morning;x
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