Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by ab_jeffrey, Aug 23, 2010.

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  1. I've just joined the RNR, but i'm going to be getting a tattoo next week on either my arm or shoulder. The tattoo is for a friend was recently lost at sea. I've got a pretty sure idea of what i want i'd just like some advice on what to avoid and what areas to avoid so as not to upset my new employers
  2. Anything with an anchor on will be sure to get you beats and ridiculing down the mess.

    Anything that marks you out as a matelot is probably not a good idea. The bouncers down Guildhall aren't the friendliest of chaps and trying to get into Walkabout with your branch badge inked on your forehead tends to result in a swift ''couples only tonight lads'' from the door staff.
  3. If you use the search function there are loads of threads on the subject and in some of those threads the official regs are even posted.

    Basically not below the cuff or above the collar
  4. yeah its not gonna be anything maritime at all
  5. Just another thought. Once you've joined as i have do you have to inform them in some way of any tattoos you have got or are getting?
  6. How about a life raft? That would look well good.
  7. :D
  8. What is wrong with a plaque in the parish church? More people will see it and remember him/her and you don't have to undergo a degrading and barbaric form of self-abuse.

    L - anti-tats and not afraid to say so.
  9. nowt wrong with being anti-tat i used to be until now, just this one means a lot to me and as for the plaque he wasn't relegious to the point where it would be offensive to get him one
  10. Tattooing is not even close to self abuse. Nice to see there are still some narrow minded fools around. Tattooing in the western world is also very closely linked to the royal navy.
  11. sgtpepperband

    sgtpepperband War Hero Moderator Book Reviewer

    My tattoo:


    Self abuse to celebrate my self abuse... :twisted:
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  12. And for the original poster as long as its not past the wrist or the neck, not offensive feel free to dig out.
    There is something in the regs about not having to many but to be fair i cant see anyone ever picking you up on that. Infact i would like to see omebody try. Whos the judge. What if you have a full body suit obviously bar th hands and nedck/face. That could be classed as one tattoo. Cerating aspects of the regs are a bit wooly.
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  13. So was flogging around the fleet and other similarly grotesque forms of abuse, but that doesn't make it right or good. I take consolation that you probably think anyone who doesn't agree with you is "a narrow minded fool", so I am probably in good company.
  14. :happy1:

  15. Shocking!
  16. I don't think you have to like tattoos to not be narrow minded. But to label it as self harm is just a stupid comment that shows you have no knowledge of the subject of which you speak. There have been numerous study done in to this field i have read a few of them. And none could find a link between self harm and tattooing. So to come out with such a stupid comment does make you narrow minded.
    In self harm for instance the processes much more about the actual act of the harm. With tattooing it is very much about the outcome. Many people with tattoos hate the pain (myself included) but i like outcome. Seriously though self harm and the art that is tattooing are worlds apart and if you think they are one and the same you are very narrow minded.
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  17. All this over tattoos...

    Cant we all just love each other and live in peace and harmony, and paint each others nails and do each others hair etc etc.

    FFS, its a tattoo. GET A FCUKING GRIP. :roll:
  18. You bring the hair dryer I'll bring the crimping tongs!!
    There's a good sport.......
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  19. Lujon didn't say 'self-harm' he said 'self-abuse'. I think his wording is intended as a general term for 'abusing' your body, rather than the attention seeking of teenagers dressed in black which I feel you are confusing it with.

    I have a couple of tattoos which I really couldn't care less about now but feel his views are entirely valid . You're getting a bit carried away here.
  20. It may or may not be self harm or whatever, but it's a fuckin mugs move.
    I played sailors with the best of them and I have tattoos by the two finest tattoo artists the world had seen in the 60's 70's and 80's.
    Pinkie in Honky Fid, and Johnny Gurkha in Neesoon. All these years on they look like sh1te, the lines thicken and go black, the colour fades and writing becomes illegible.
    You look common in shirt sleeves and will like most of us "sailors" regret the friggin day you had them.
    But hey ho you learn by mistakes and I am neither your dad or your preacher. End of.

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