Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by popeye21, Jan 5, 2009.

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  1. Just a question for all you folk! I have been for my final brief at my local afco and am wanting to get a tattoo on my back! The reason I ask if this is allowed or not is we had to fill in a form at the brief to say that we diddnt have any more tattoos than when we applied, the tattoo is just a date that means something to me, would this be allowed or would it cause problems and get me into bother??
    thanks in advance for any help!
  2. Just wait till the end of basic , what harm can it do in waiting?
  3. As long as they aren't on your head, hands or neck and/or offensive and/or excessive in number then they're ok. I'll find the link when my internet stops failing.
  4. I would go with Catton's advice. Is there any particular reason you want to have this tattoo done right now as opposed to after basic? Having an undeclared tatoo might slow down your entry process unnecessarily even if it's turns out that the design and placement falls within the rules.

    Although the date might mean something perfectly innocent to you, it could mean something else to another large group of people and might be deemed offensive.
  5. Completely agree with the majority above. Just wait. That way there is no risk of screwing it all up before you get started.

  6. At a guess....

    Maybe depends on when you are actually starting training - there could be an infection risk if it hasn't healed and you're running about jumping in muddy pools and / or spreading diseases in communal areas.

    If it has plenty of time to heal, then you might as well get the go ahead from your AFCO.

    Or as the others say, play it safe, play the game and wait.
  7. My views on tattoos are well known on this forum so I won't repeat them, however I do have some questions. If the tattoo is just a date that means something to you (and presumably to no-one else), why have it on your back where you can't see it but others can? Why do you need to advertise that date for the rest of your life, and even after death on a pathologist's slab? Wouldn't your memory, or if you are forgetful a calendar, work just as well?
  8. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator


    If you had a date on your back then a name written next to it, then another name & date underneath, then another, then another... it would perhaps be much more significant to all readers.
  9. Blimey Ninja, with all these new advisors on board, standfast SF, SS-S-S and Wardmaster, you'll be on permanant make a' mend if you're not careful.
    The missus'll have you decorating the spare room and such.
  10. C'mon Wardmaster, chill out a little, it's an important step for certain young men.

    What N_S alludes to is correct, it could be of great interest for his next partner to know when Popeye21 first found the Golden Rivet.
    If he sees it's quite recently he'll might find it easier to get Olive Oyl in on the act too.
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Funny you should mention decorating... :cwm21:
  12. Just like a deployment t-shirt!
  13. If you sign to say you've had no more tattoos and then go and have one, where's your integrity?

    You're going to join a disciplined service with rules and regulations yet you want to break them before you even join.

    If the date means so much to you you're hardly likely to forget it in a hurry, so why put everything at risk and fail to join over something like this?

    As others have already suggested, I would suggest you wait until you have completed your basic training.
  14. What sort of a wimp gets a tattoo of a date on his back. I mean to say if you are going to put a picture of a bit of fruit on your back make it a big one, how about a water melon or a bunch of coconuts :w00t:
  15. [quote
    The missus'll have you decorating the spare room and such.[/quote]

    The man who invented decorating ought to be f*****d; on the other hand the man who invented f***ing ought to be decorated.
  16. PMSL! :thumright:

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