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Discussion in 'Joining Up - Royal Navy Recruiting' started by QUATE8203, Jan 23, 2009.

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  1. Hey, ok I know that basic rules for tattoos which are obviously like no tattoos that would show when wearing uniform like neck and hands ect. and definately not of a racist or discriminating kind. None of the tattoos I have are like this and are all respectable however I'm worried about the one on my leg.

    Its a bit crazy and it goes from my knee all the way to ankle and goes the whole way around my leg, do yous think it will be a problem for joining up? I've uploaded a picture so yous can see that it is not an offensive tattoo of any sort.


    Slightly worried it'll be a problem lol
  2. I've always wanted one of those on my arm :thumright:
  3. I would have got it on the arm only it would clash with my other one there lol.
  4. Its a bit crazy and it goes from my knee all the way to ankle and goes the whole way around my leg,


    Your'e not kidding are you! Strewth.

    but IMHO it shouldn't be a problem. Ninja should be along shortly.
  5. What, a leg?
  6. That must have hurt like hell. I bet you're scared of needles!
  7. Tickled abit on the old shin bone aye lol

    SM, Ninja? :D
  8. Sure, why not.
  9. Is that an eyeball you're standing on?
  10. Top of a deep river rock bottle lol
  11. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    Basically it depends if your recruiter views it as excessive.

    The rules are as follows;

    Any tattoo(s) which is/are offensive or obscene will be a bar to entry or re-entry. Additionally tattoos should not be visible on the head and neck. Furthermore any tattoo(s) excessive in size or number may be a bar to entry or re-entry. You may be asked to complete a form describing your tattoos.

    Service personnel must project the Service in a positive light and not to bring the Service into disrepute. Like any other UK employer whose uniformed personnel are expected to maintain public confidence, the Service sets policy on the appearance in uniform of its men and women, and this includes the nature, extent and location of tattoos.

    Tattoos which are visible when No 1 uniform (RM Blues) is being worn, whether because they extend beyond the collar or cuff, or because they are being worn on the face, neck or hands, are not acceptable, are contrary to current regulations and must not be acquired. (Naval Officer and Senior Rate tropical No1 uniform do expose forearms and lower upper arms. Regulations permit the exposure of tattoos in these areas, provided they conform to the rules governing all tattoos wherever they may be.)

    Tattoos are not acceptable if they are judged by the Commanding Officer, or at the recruiting stage the Recruiting Officer, to be reasonably likely to:

    a. Undermine the authority or dignity of the Service or bring discredit to the Service.
    b. Offend others or invite provocation, for example because they are obscene, lewd, crude, racist, sexist, homophobic, or intimidating.
    c. Affect the employability of the wearer, for example by making it unacceptable for that person to parade or stand guard in public, or, depending on Branch/Specialisation and career profile, to engage on special operations.

    In addition, visible tattoos must not be garish or numerous or particularly prominent (which will depend on its size and location). Commanding Officers may order personnel with tattoos which contravene the provisions above, but which are not visible in No1 uniform, to cover them up.

    Personnel acquiring tattoos which contravene the Service policy will be invited to have their tattoos removed at their own expense. Acquisition of tattoos in contravention of the regulations and policy will result in disciplinary action and subsequent failure to remove tattoos is most likely to result in administrative discharge after an appropriate period on warning.
  12. Hmmm, if this tattoo means I can't do this as a career I'm going to be absolutely gutted through and through.
  13. Thanks Ninja, but you quoted the regs which is right and proper but in your opinion would that tat bar QUATE8203 entry into the Mob? :?:
  14. Ninja_Stoker

    Ninja_Stoker War Hero Moderator

    My first sentence was:

    As I'm not his recruiter, it would be somewhat foolhardy for me to state it's fine in my opinion.

    However, if that were the only tattoo, then it probably isn't excessive. As I cannot see the rest of his tats, it's anyone's guess whether they are collectively viewed as excessive.
  15. The rest of my tats are just boring or 'normal' tattoos lol, hopefully with some luck it will be overlooked and be allowed to do P.T with everyone staring at my leg.
  16. Cheers Ninja. I think you cleared that up nicely its just up to QUATE8203 to get down to his AFCO and find out for sure :thumbleft:
  17. Cheers for the info NS
  18. Why should everyone stare at your leg, after all it's only a tat.
    Now if it was your wanger dangling below your shorts then perhaps you would attract some attention from everyone.
    First from the girls & gays, secondly looks of envy from the straights :p
  19. From experience of othe rpeople who joined up at the same time as me i would say you will be ok. There were a few lad with full sleaves, plus other tats.
    So im guessing you should be ok.
  20. Well every time I go to the gym wearing shorts or out running I just look at peoples faces as they look down at my leg, so thats why I guess. Starting to get lonely in this world of no eye contact lol :p

    I'm abit more confident now, but i'll go to the AFCO tomorrow when I'm going running.

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