Tattoo Girl - Brooke Stevens

Discussion in 'Films, Music, TV & All Things Artsy' started by Jenny_Dabber, Oct 12, 2007.

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  1. This book kept me glued to it, a good thriller - seat edger and mystery.

    A young girl is found, abandoned in a shopping mall in the US, after hours, by a security guard. The girl is dressed like a tramp and extremely shy, jumpy and can't not speak. However, once this young girl is taken to the olocal authorities and checked over, she is found to have fish scales tattoo'd over her, like a mermaid.

    Was she kicked out of the travelling circus or did she run away?

    She is then taken in by a young woman, Lucy, who used to be the local 'freak' in a circus, together they grow but Lucy is not able to put at rest, the real reason to this girl. So, the jounrey begins but only to find them running from bad company who want to harm this girl and Lucy.

    They ending is fab, total turn about and leaves you actually thinking..........

    The author seems to use the circus as a metaphor for life and it seems to have worked.
  2. Met a young lady once who had leopard spots tattooed from just below her breasts down to just below her buttocks - very unusual, but strangely attractive. She was 'performing' in an establishment called the Mardi Gras in (or near) Springfield MA; arse like a 12 year old boy - fantastic!
  3. Sorry, am I lowering the tone?
  4. What else can you do with it?
  5. Probably not, though now every one knows you have a thing about arses that look like young male arses.

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