Tas/Squid answer needed

just an OD on the Chichester down of Aussie when we fired a squid.For some reason one landed on the bridge wing,another midships near the whaler and I can't remember where the other went.
Frightened the shit to those on the bridge[no lookouts closed up] and some amidships.
I was told the charges were not big enough so I often wondered why and why would we have charges so weak that they could not propel a squid over the ship.
As a seaman gunner it was all a bit much for me to take in so can a TAS explain it to me.
Skipper was not a happy bunny,damage was confined and repaired later,but at every squid firing after that it was a healong rush below decks.thanks
They propably put the cartridges for the "inert"charges in by accident, they were much less powerfull than the cartridges for the "full monty" charges, which were obviously much heavier. Silly things anyway the squid, three different sized barrells, mortar Mk 10 were much better.. :whew:

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