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Discussion in 'Sports and Adventure Training' started by Trident, May 11, 2006.

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  1. If anyone is interested in shooting target rifle for the RN please look at

    Next match is Inter-Service Fullbore at Bisley in July.
  2. The RN was last in both of last week's Fullbore Target Rifle matches.

    If there is anyone out there who would like to help to defeat the pongos and crabs please make yourselves known.

    Tuition and rifles are available.
  3. I would but not in the RN yet.
  4. Can RNR scum play aswell?
  5. I was in one of them there teams many years ago and won a ash tray which has pride of place on the mantlepiece.

    Never got the chance to take on Percy

    It would be nice to show the unwashed how to shoot.

    Any details for the retired I do know they have retired members events
  6. The RN Target Rifle Club is open to serving and retired RN, RM, RNR, and RMR. Oldest active member is 83, youngest is 20.

    Based primarily at Bisley, they are contactable via

    There used to be an RNR Fullbore Rifle team, a handful from King Alfred had a shoot at Bisley about a month ago, and one of them helped out behind the scenes last week.
  7. Was at Bisley a few years ago and met a member of the RN RM Rifle association, he offered to get me into it . Its a bit of a closed shop --
    Target Rifle seems to be the norm and other types of shooting disciplines aren't really catered for.

    May have changed since then but that was the impression I got.
  8. If you're not serving, then yes, the RNRMRA is a closed shop.

    As I stated previously, the RNTRC is open to a wider range of people, including retired - and, as its name suggests, deals mainly with NRA Target Rifle.
  9. Dont suppose this is open to SCC people?

    Am a Small Bore target shooter myself.

  10. "Dont suppose this is open to SCC people?

    Am a Small Bore target shooter myself.


    The RNTRC is not currently open to SCC, but the subject is being debated within the club.
  11. I'm one of the few serving members here and used to shoot full bore at school and in the RN. I'll be in touch.
  12. I will in 6 or so years. Shoot fullbore for the CCF at the moment.
  13. Sierra_Hotel, keep watching the RNRMRA website (, and get in touch when you're serving. If you know anyone who shoots target rifle and is joining the RN, please ask them to make contact via the webite.

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